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  1. Born in Tel Aviv, Israel, Harel was, like many Israeli children, to a time of constant skirmish with their neighbors. Many a time throughout his childhood would the looming threat of Palestinian missiles make manifest in the form of drills and the occasional real strike. Because of this, Harel's parents would move to London to escape the constant skirmishes between Israel and Palestine, Harel becoming a British citizen at age 3. Harel, though Israeli became British through and through, his exodus from Israel at such a young age causing him to forget his nationalist ties. Though he still celebrated Passover and observed other Jewish holidays, he played Football with his friends, and learned in the British education system. Regardless, his parents saw fit to teach him Israeli if the time ever came to return home. Mostly in part to his wanting to get into university, Harel enlisted in the British Armed Forces, several years later attaining the coveted green beret of the Royal Marines, earning his marksmanship badge. It would be around this time that the infection began to take hold... Harel's unit was due to deploy to Chernaurus to assist the beleaguered NATO Task Force there, but were forced to remain on the homefront due to deteriorating situations. Unable to contain the infected, Harel and his squad elected to abandon London with a group of other British soldiers. Taking a C-130 from Heathrow airport and leaving the British Isle. Destination: Anywhere but there. The plane would, by chance run out of fuel and crash in a field in Chernaurus. With Harel being separated from his comrades, he gathered what gear he could, and fled off into the Chernaurussian night before the Infected, or worse, Bandits could set upon the crash site.
  2. Joseph was born to a middle class family in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, where he would live a happy, normal life. Proving himself to be an intelligent young man, breezing through high school. Though he could have gone on to attend university in engineering, Joseph instead elected to enlist in the Canadian armed forces at age 18, serving the 1 Combat Engineer Regiment in Europe, Afghanistan, Takistan, and finally Chernaurus. At the onset of the outbreak, Joseph and his unit would work alongside CDF forces to create minefields, make barricades, and destroy strategic bridges to slow down the infected. In the waning days of military resistance, Joseph would be deployed to the Northwest Airfield alongside his unit to assist in logistical support and evacuations, packing up sensitive equipment before the base could be overrun by the infected. After completing this task, and the following siege by a large horde of infected, Joseph and his unit found themselves outnumbered and hopelessly undersupplied. After blunting the third attack, the decision was made to abandon the base, but the infected overran the NWAF before this could happen. Being the only two left standing of his squad, Joseph and his squad leader attempted to make a break for it, but the latter was set upon by a group of infected. Pulling a grenade from his belt, he yelled for Joseph to run before he was vaporized along with the zombies. Though momentarily stunned, Joseph grabbed all the equipment and gear he could carry, before fleeing off into the night. ​ Now alone, Joseph trekked through the wilderness in a stupor, bearing witness to what looked to be the end of days, but would continue to survive, he wasn't a coward after all. Now he roams Chernaurus, offering his radio skills and technical know-how to any group that needs it, aside from any bandits, naturally.
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