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  1. Mohammad "Mags" Aali-gajj - Born March 25th 1990 in a local village called Erenli, located in Bayburt Merkez province of Turkey. Mohammad was a single son of two loving parents; his father a local Doctor and mother a receptionist in his fathers clinic. Mohammad's father was very passionate about his own career path and impressioned his aspirations upon him. This ultimately meant that Mohammad had to work hard and gain a good education as in Turkish culture the wishes of the family elder are upheld, it's considered rude to go against the wishes of your father or elder. After finishing high school with average marks Mohammed was once more pressured into following through on the wishes of his father, he vowed to achieve this by joining the Turkish Land Forces commonly known as the Turkish Army. Mohammed completed his initial basic training in 2010 with the Turkish Army becoming a Combat Medical Technician trained in generic combat first aid. This wasn't nearly enough to meet the expectations of his father who had hoped for Mohammed to become a Doctor one day, evidently this wouldn't be happening now. Jumping forward to 2011 Mohammed was deployed for his first operational tour of Afghanistan where he worked alongside British Forces in a medical capacity. He would be deployed on multiple occasions as part of a M.E.R.T or Medical Emergency Response Team that sought to give life saving clinical aid to allied troops who had sustained injuries. Towards the end of 2011 and the incoming closure of the majority of allied forces bases within Afghanistan Mohammed's military unit were sent back to Turkey. Mohammed would go on to stay within the Turkish Army for a further 3 years taking him to 2014 where he eventually left returning to his childhood village. Once back in Erenli, Mohammed worked alongside his father as the equivalent of an EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) in western societies. Throughout the following years Mohammed was content working in his fathers clinic, however he did have aspirations of travelling around the north eastern hemisphere and seeing more than just the world he was used to. Early into 2017 the Turkish news channels had been reporting on the unravelling situation in Chernarus with a civil war seemingly unravelling with innocent civilians caught in between a political media fight. In the coming months reports started coming in of a disease with symptoms rendering human carriers unable to feel pain, respond to interaction, or display any of the human traits that each of us have. The only thing they could be likened to was something from a horror movie such as a zombie. As the months drew by in 2017 the disease and turmoil had spread throughout Turkey, Mohammed had lost his father and mother when their clinic was overrun however he had been lucky enough to escape. He then made a conscious decision that he would venture forth to the northern hemisphere to see where this pandemic started. He intended to travel to Chernarus where its currently believed he is helping those in need just as he did back in his deployment days.
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