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  1. Raine is 23 years old and has had a rough background up until about the age of 19 he was always taking abuse and being treated unfairly. The month after he turned 19 he was struck by a bat to the head hospitalizing himself for 3 months waking up too memory loss. Raine is fairly unstable do to this constantly forgetting things and getting irritated over small things like names and how he met people. Raine didn't happen to go to school when he was young so big words aren't something of his liking he always keeps a dictionary on hand to help with words he might struggle on. From growing up in a foreign country that he had been forced too move too when his father fled from his past home that he has never spoke of made this hard on Raine. He would always be home alone and not allowed to leave so the only people he knew was his father and his fathers friends. Raine and his father both knew about the breakout that has occurred and lived through it only slightly surviving. One day the young boy woke up to his father cleaning a strange bite on his arm that reached the bone and caused excessive bleeding Raine then panic'ed and his father told him it was only a bite from a young boy that has turned, he ensured Raine that the bite would be fine and it would take some time to heal. Day after day for the next 3 days the bite cause nothing but pain for his father. days have past a week after the bite happened Raine knew that it would be his fate. The day of the turning was a devastating day for Raine, for him having to kill his father a second time scarred him, and left him alone with no one to help him or teach him how to further his survival. for 2 years after the passing of his father he spent his time getting stronger learning how to survive by breaking into abandoned cars and houses and pillaging what he could to survive to going out and hunting.
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