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  1. @BandsRP in regards to the mind is a keyboard section, the only reason i said that was due to how quickly you was trying to cleary kill me it would of taken more than the 3 seconds to type in chat when trying at the same time to press the f keys. i had to think quick regardless.
  2. @Realize apologies regarding this whilst I was running up I decided to loot every town car, on my way back. I did think it was over an hour. My mistake on this. Regarding the full edit. I did, I had only started recording around 1 minute or so prior hence why my mic wasnt set up. Regards, Scott
  3. Server and location: Server 1, Vybor Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): (UTC): 2019-10-10, 00:00 Around that time Your in game name: Scott Petrov Names of allies involved: No one. Name of suspect/s: N/A Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Sadly, My mic was not recording so here is the transcript: Me: Hey dude, wait him: Woah dude are you following me? Me: Yeah just wanted to let you know you stink him: Okay then put your hands up retard Me: Okay sure, errr. Errm. If my mind was a keyboard what button would it be him: 3.. .2... 1... Me: oh no wait Detailed description of the events: I was heading up to vybor to loot when I happened to notice this man, when I approached him I jokingly called him "Stinky" thinking he would be like "wtf okay then" but instead he went all blood-hungry like everyone else who has come across from Arma 3. He then points his gun at my face whilst demanding I put my hands on my head. In the video, you can see I make an attempt to do this. I was unsure what the key was as this is the first time I have been taken hostage // had to put my hands up. I made it clear with him that I did not know how to do this and asked him in an RP way to advise me upon the key I needed to press. Him Being the clear alpha he is, Began to then count down. with me frantically pushing buttons to make sure I had my hands up he then began to count down, again I relayed this to him I am trying before he then shoots me in the head, I am rather new to this server and it's the first bad RP I have really came up against.
  4. Scott grew up in a lonely little village North of Chernogorsk. Life was good, he went to the local school. Scott was always a good kid, never messed around in class, always did as his parents asked. He was 16 when his father went through a rough stage, he was fired from his job and was not bringing any money into the house. Scott's mother worked as a nurse in the Chernogorsk Hospital just down the road, the money was not the best but their combined incomes allowed them to live comfortably. Scott's father losing this job put a serious strain on the household, the relationships they held went sour and it was not the same anymore. They just about managed on the money they had for the next year, Scott's parents were constantly at each other's throats, arguing and shouting about money. Scott would go on walks, he would walk for miles and come back when it was getting dark. He just wanted to be away from the arguing and the toxic environment. Scott's friends suggested he get a job, he would not have to spend much time at home. Scott liked the idea and was asking around in Cherno for any jobs that were taking on new people. He was accepted on by a small cafe on a corner in the town square. He worked there for 3 months and enjoyed the time he spent there. But he couldn't stay there forever. He went looking for a different job when he wasn't working. He managed to get a job at a repair center as a mechanic. Scott didn't have the slightest clue about cars but he was willing to learn. He became close friends with his boss, they would talk for hours about goings on in their lives etc. They were talking one day, and reports of rising conflict to the north was on the news. They were used to the fighting, the wars going on and the place just come out of a conflict, they expected more. It was nothing new, they did not pay it much mind. A few days go by, the work TV had no signal, so there was no news or anything which was confusing. His boss invited him to go sailing on the coast for the afternoon. They got some beers, set out on their trip with their rented boat. They spent about 19 hours out at sea on this big sailboat, they anchored near the coast when they needed rest. When it was time to come back, they didn't hear the usual sounds of city life. It wasn't quiet, but it wasn't loud. The usual sounds of traffic could not be heard, just... noise. They got back to shore and walked towards Cherno along the coast, they entered the town together, there was no one around the outskirts. They ventured further into the town only to smell the worst smell they'd ever smelt. Little did they know it was the smell of the dead. They rushed to the store, it was wrecked. It had been ransacked. Scott's boss quickly panicked, told Scott to wait there and ran towards his home. Scott waited about an hour for him to come back, he didn't. Scott was cautiously trying to find out what was going on. He could hear a commotion coming from the town square, he went towards it. He heard loud bangs, several at once. It was extremely loud and it didn't stop for a while, Scott got into a building, everywhere was ransacked and destroyed. He watched from a window in a 4 story building, it was the military, they were being overrun by people, normal people, Scott watched in horror as he watched the people rip the soldiers apart, the line soon fell and there were non left. No more bangs, no more commotion. Scott rushed around the building, grabbing food, water and basic commodities. He held up in a bedroom with a small window. He would look out of the window every now and then, it was so quiet. He would hear the occasional crash of something being knocked into, it would wake him up at night, he was alone and afraid in this tiny room. About a week went by, he decided that he can't stay here for much longer, it was about 6am and he headed out, only holding a pipe to defend himself. He was not ready for what was to come.
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