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  1. My name is Ralph Luna and I'm a recent graduate from Texas who studied Finance & Accounting during university. I come from a fairly traditional family who believed that everything I do should be in the best interest of the family. I just recently moved out from my parents house and was looking forward to the rest of my life ahead of me when my mother delivered some tragic news to me. My grandmother had become severely ill and didn't have much longer to live. My mother, father, and I got on the next available flight to Chernarus and found that a widespread outbreak had affected much of Chernarus. While attempting to visit my grandmother, my mother and father were presumed to have been attacked by the cannibals affected by the outbreak. I've now found myself in a foreign country with no family, no way to get back home, no food, no water, and no shelter. I'd like to think I have a good set of problem solving skills, but the outbreak in Chernarus is sure to put those skills to the test.
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