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  1. You did a great job bro! Loved how you went from calm to screaming in like 1 second haha
  2. The one in the base who screamed at the dude for letting the slave out of the shed?
  3. And it was completely all random encounters and unscripted?
  4. Ok, ill give it a try tonight, just a bit sceptical because if there is a big queue and when i eventually get it in kicks me it will be annoying af lol
  5. I tried the DZSA but it never seemed to like the mods and kept kicking me so i have been logging in using the standard launcher
  6. Due to the mod change i wasted almost an hour queuing 2 days ago! First attempt to get in, I was 45 in the queue, i waited patiently for close to an hour, only to get kicked because mods were removed iterally 5 minutes before i managed to get in! Was furious! So re queued and thankfully got in right away. Quite frustrating when all I want to do is rp with my buddies, well at least the sudden influx of new players should (hopefully) enhance the experience!
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