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  1. I love working with these guys. Always great rp and they sure know how to hype us up before a fight!
  2. I'm loving the war that we're in and even though most of our interactions involve shooting at each other when we do talk it makes for some great rp. You're very good at being the bad guys and I respect it even though I'm gonna keep killing you
  3. Crocodile Man

    Tiger Time!

    *Presses PTT* Hey its Chris from the New Hope Federation and I would just like to formally thank anarchy for the nvgs and the m249 they gave us last night. You guys are the best! *Releases PTT*
  4. Before the outbreak Chris lived in chernarus with a house in electro working as a doctor in the nearby hospital. He moved to chernarus from Poland after 2009 to try to take advantage of a new growing economy and build a better life for himslef. He worked hard to put himself through school to achieve his dream of becoming a doctor. He enjoyed hunting and knew the backcountry of chernarus well, spending his weekends in the great outdoors with his friends or even by himself. Chris even met his future wife in Chernarus (2009) solidifying his citizenship and his desire to live in Chernarus. Chris was always rescourcful and prepared for the worst so when society broke down he was able to escape to the countryside with his family (Wife and 1 child 9 years old). They were all split up after a russian artillery bombardment resulting in the death of Chris's wife (He personally witnessed this) and now Chris roams Chernarus trying to find his child or at least whats left of them.
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