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  1. I voted yes. I started playing on this server fairly recently (since october) and would love to see what the apocolypse can be like from the beginning considering now we're at a point where we live in a pretty lawless wasteland.
  2. I agree that we should have night be like 15 mins shorter, not fully removed because then nvgs are useless AND night can be interesting scenery especially during hostilities. But definitely shorter because most of the time night means everyone stays in whatever town/house theyre in for the next hour.
  3. While playing in the Odezva group CP, I, @Crocodile Man sign over all rights to my character Patrik Englachev to the Group Leadership, any kills under any circumstances by Group Members or Group Leadership will be considered valid so long as I am actively within the group CP. As long as I am playing a Odezva Character that is employed, working or affiliated with the group, or is being placed within the group CP, I sign all rights for my character to the group to be handled at their discretion upon being blacklisted.
  4. Chat logs of you joining our discord and me asking you to join vc right after the kill. I also reached out to the admins right after to try and get you forum name and posted it in our chat so that the boys could reach you. Ivo responded after the SECOND time you tried to joined (When we banned you) since he was at work and not really involved. My timezone is EST BTW. I have also attached the log of me messaging him on the forums and giving him our discord link.
  5. Invited him to the discord had a chat with him and he told me he was gonna keep the report up so we decided to deal with this on the forums
  6. And its our character to arrest drug addicts
  7. Patriks POV: We were at green mountain talking to a man named rufus. We gave him food and water and began talking to him in conversation we found out that he was a narcotics dealer. So we held him up and began asking him questions and telling him that we are Policie. When we had him tied up he kept calling us "Player" which is a slang term and not a way to adress policie especially when they are arresting and interrogating you. When we demanded that he respect us and call us "sir" he said asked us if we are gay which we took offense to. Then Milan and I each hit him (Melee) with our guns because he was being disrespectful after we asked him to be respectful. Little did we know he was at low health and the hit from my gun killed him.
  8. Patrik was born in the small town of Bor in chenarus. He spent most of his early life in the outdoors enjoying the beautiful country making him very skilled in hunting, camping, fishing and other outdoor activity. When he was an adult he joined the police force in chernogosk and was involved in the civil war. During the outbreak he tried to do his job as an officer and help his fellow chernarussin citizens but he was badly wounded fighting zombies in his own hometown of Bor. He was evacuated to the countryside by his fellow officers and was being nursed to health to help civillians more. The safe area he was being held at was attacked by looters trying to get themselves medical supplies and he was seperated from all of his friends. Knowing how to survive in the woods he was able to survive until he was healthy. Now Patrik is trying to help reestablish order in chenarus.
  9. Crocodile Man

    Corporate Patrol

    guys scared the hell out of us yesterday
  10. Gonna be interesting to have a peacekeeping group around especially with all the current conflict on the server
  11. Met and was eventually killed by these guys last night. Great hostile RP theyre very good at being spooky and mysterious, never telling me who they are or what they intended to do just talking about "impurities in this world".
  12. I love working with these guys. Always great rp and they sure know how to hype us up before a fight!
  13. I'm loving the war that we're in and even though most of our interactions involve shooting at each other when we do talk it makes for some great rp. You're very good at being the bad guys and I respect it even though I'm gonna keep killing you
  14. *Presses PTT* Hey its Chris from the New Hope Federation and I would just like to formally thank anarchy for the nvgs and the m249 they gave us last night. You guys are the best! *Releases PTT*
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