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  1. My characters name is Chris Kyle. He is a 32 year old blonde hair, hazel eyes. He has a scruffy face and a scar on his eyebrow from an enemie battle in Afgan. He has a wife named Jessica and a girl named Emily. He misses his family a lot and he is going to do anything in his power to provide and protect for his family. Chris has been in the military for 6 years now. He is a military sniper who was deployed to Chenarus before the outbreak. His military base (NWAF) was swarmed by a horde of zombies and taken over. He lost a lot of friends and escaped with barely anything. He has a short temper towards zombies as well non cooperative survivors. Chris grew the love for tactical bacon as that was supplied from the military but he is running low on food and will eat anything. His end goal is to survive in Chernaus and help as many people as possible. He will be running around looking for food, water and anything that will help against the apocalypse. He does not like close quarter combat unless necessary as he specializes in long range marksmanship. His favourite sniper overall is the M70 Tundra because that's what he knows best. He was trained on that gun and now is his primary against enemy forces. His secondary is the FNX45 because it is reliable and can be suppressed for specific situations. He has his own personal spotter for ranging and spotting. His spotter normally carries an M70 Tundra and an M4A1 for backup purposes. He misses his family and wants to get home.
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