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  1. My character is a 25 year old man named Joe. Before the outbreak he was a man who simply enjoyed a very basic relaxed life, even though he's been through many hardships and had just beat cancer. He was in Chernarus after taking a sabbatical from his job as construction worker, which he got after retiring from service with the Marines, so that he could seek experimental treatment for his sickness. Which he was able to get at the North West Airfield with a scientist working there, because of his history as a marine. He lived off base in Krasnostav to keep his privacy and because he wasn't actively enlisted anymore. However with all the neighboring towns being attacked he was evacuated south to Vysotovo into an apartment building there. Though he was cured, he spent two weeks celebrating his newfound health when the outbreak interrupted his good time. Once martial law began i started constructing a makeshift rooftop base to avoid authorities trying to recruit because of his military background. After a couple close calls and escapes, a random bandage he looted saved his life, so he started collecting everything he found possibly useful becoming a hoarder, he tries to help others when possible but only if they trade for the items they need even, if it doesn't equal the value of the item needed, he just needs to know he's not losing items without gaining as well. Thanks to his short background in construction he is able to construct at least a basic home in order to protect his treasures.
  2. I was wondering if thee were plans to add the map mod at any time as spending 40 minutes try to locate yourself really takes away from the experience. Or even if you know a modder suggest having them create an item call GPS thats 1x1 that spawns alot in police stations and fire stations and uncommonly in homes. and when you hold it it activates the map mod for use. but only while you hold it.
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