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  1. Tyler Avery awakes to a smoking crumbled building, the otherwise remnants of his home after a plane crash destroyed his farm and everything he spent his life working for. Lying unconscious for an unknown number of hours, Tyler climbs to his feet, and makes his way out of the ruble and debris only to look onto the horror that has plagued his found country. Originating from the UK, Tyler chose Chernarus as a homestead after hearing about the low cost properties and farmlands that scatter across the beautiful planes scenic roadways of Chernarus. Normally strong willed and certain of his priorities, nothing in his life could ever prepare him for the new road that lay before him. Honest, caring, thoughtful but mindful and always aware of his surroundings, Tyler is no fool, but willing to help those in need without thinking of how it could benefit himself. Well educated and being no stranger to hard work and manual labor, Tyler seeks out his next distraction to keep his mind off losing everything he cared about and cherished the most. Tyler looks for new purpose in the chaotic world that is now his home.
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