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  1. Retired combat medic from the Swedish army. Served his country in Afghanistan and Africa, but retired from combat after his entire platoon was wiped out by the armed militia in Kongo. Took a teaching role within the military to train new recruits and ended up in Chernaurus due to a joint military operation after the civil war ended. Setteled down and got hired by the local military as a medical tutor. During the outbreak he assisted the evacuations but when the outpost got overrunned he fled the camp and has been on his own ever since.
  2. A lumberjack from the most northern parts of Sweden. Since he was a small child he was out hunting with his father who taught him everything in form of butchering , fishing and living off the land, while also hammering in the goodwilled swedish hospitality into his mentality. His friendly nature usually results in him being used but also in alot of friendships. He came to Chernaurus on a hunting trip but stayed once he met the love of his life, Tiana. After the outbreak happened he was forced to put her down along with the rest of her family after they took in injured citizens into their care who then turned. Now he just roams the lands in hopes of finding a new purpose in life.
  3. Me and my brother grew up in the northern parts of Sweden and always pursued the same goal, to become doctors. We arrived in Chernaurus together as volunteer workers in a small hospital after the civil war ended and the airports opened up again and eventually both settled down in the country. When the outbreak happened we got separated and ever since I have been staying of grid and living of the land. I have avoided most contact with others for so long, but now when my medical supplies are starting to run out and tools are starting to break I have to move down to the bigger towns and cities if I want to survive. And if my brother is still out there, I WILL find him... My name is Alen Lind, and this is my story.
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