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  1. My name is Jeremy Ahkmed, I'm a young chap from the UK who worked as a robotic engineer overseas in Chernarus. I graduated from Blackpool university and was on a contracted job in Chernarus when the outbreak happened. I am generally a pretty calm guy and I tend to follow all rules that are given to me by people higher up, I know how to follow the chain of command and I know how to keep my head down when I need to. I've always aspired to be an artist and I'm not that bad with a gun in my hands since I used to practice shooting at a range back home in Blackpool and even had my own PF license. I also have always liked Chernarus during my stay here, it looks like a pretty nice place and most of the locals were nice to me until the unfortunate events of the past 2 years have happened. Since then everyone has turned cruel and everyone's turned their backs against each other. They do not value people's opinions anymore and it's only about what is better for yourself and your interests only. I want to restore the greater good of this country and I want to make sure the country becomes what it used to be.
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