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  1. Meech Dicer was born as the seventh son of the seventh son of the seventh son, his path would be barbed with fighting and glory. taken as a youth he was placed in training for boxing and kung fu. he used these talents to drift by fighting and earning cash as he went about his life. once the apocalypse hit he found himself in Europe on a journey through the underground fighting networks to chernarus. by the time meech reached chernarus he was knee deep in zombie filth. He mostly took cover running up to the couple of human settlements he could find demanding to fist fight the most alpha males. eventually he found a tribe whos chieftain beat him accepting him in as a worthy fist fighting champion. eventually Meech worked his way up too chieftain status after his tactical brilliance he was given leadership! and after that the story unfolds to now the deadeyes search for a home with meech and a few others at the helm.
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