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  1. Nate Pavel turned 18 on May 23rd, 2017 and he had a rather quiet birthday, a week from his birthday he'd be helping his uncle on the cargo ship his uncle owned and that was what he was really looking forward to. Nate's father had been out of the picture for most of his life and his uncle was a man that had filled that role in his life. May 30th came around and they were setting sail from Sochi, Russia to Samsun, Turkey. The trip down to Turkey went fairly well, they had some bad weather but nothing like what they'd be experiencing on their way back. It was July 15th and the cargo ship was heading back to Sochi, Nate had enjoyed learning from his uncle and everything about the cargo ship but he was looking forward to being back home. They were now just a few days out, it was July 21st and a massive storm hit their cargo ship while they were on the coast of Chernarus. Nate's uncle decided that rather risk the life of the crew he'd beach it, and so he did, the ship hit the shore and a massive hole was formed in the side of the ship. Nate and his uncle, along with most of the crew spent several days on the ship while they waited out the storm, some of the crew members had started to grow restless and around six had grown sick but the sick were all confined to the sick bay, every now and then Nate's uncle would go down and check on them. The final time Nate's uncle went down to check on the sick the whole ship would have been filled with screams of terror and pain as the uncle was attacked by 6 rabid acting men, the following hours after that were complete chaos, some of the crew went to investigate which caused more deaths as the unarmed men were savagely attacked by the infected men. The rest of the crew was sent into a panic and everyone including Nate began to try to get away from the ship, Nate was one of the first out the ship but couldn't manage to keep up with any of the other men that got out with him and so he was separated. His only goal now was to survive, he hoped maybe he could find some other crew members and with a group make his way back to Sochi, but he knew that the chances of that would be slim.
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