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  1. My name is Marlon, Marlon Jones, let me tell you a little about me, before the outbreak my parents sent me to a boarding school in Berezino for troubled youth. I was fourteen years old at the time, you can say I wasn’t mom’s perfect little angel. The name of the place was “Ericson’s Boarding School for troubled youth”. Let me tell it just troubled the youth more, they never helped us. I made my best friend there, his name was louis we would do anything for each other. I was sixteen when the outbreak started, it was chaos people were leaving in droves trying to escape what they feared. In all the chaos the staff of the school left us, we were just kids. I was the oldest so the kids look up to me, they had no one else left their parents shoved them here and abandoned them some were orphans from the war. I tried my best to lead them but I couldn’t there was nothing I could do to stop the infected. The bigger cities and towns were laid to wait by the infected. The kids never stood a chance, I seen them die but thanks to louis I and some of the other kids were able to make it out and now I have to bare their deaths on my hands. I now wonder the wasteland seeking a better purpose, trusting not a soul and doing whatever I can to survive.
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