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  1. I'm just answering the original post, IMO you cant use internal RP reasons to react to a situation without there being a good understanding of who you're character is. Basically, being that your character is a vet who is trained and is "less feared" than most people, then your RP should be the same thing outside of an initiated situation. Meaning, you need to act like a vet, maybe share war stories, be a tough worker, when you get hurt maybe try to figure things out yourself and dont take help (bc you dont want to seem weak). THEN if situations like that arise with known enemies you would be able to react more closely to you're character's personality. BUT if it's just some asshole bandits then you really cant react at all. You would need to go by the rules solely based on the fact that a new person can't detect you're internalization immediately. I guess there is a small moment you could convey your fearlessness (depending on how the bandits would treat you) but even then you risk a lot of backlash on an RP server. For myself, any decisions that require "layers" of RP need to be carefully thought out and executed. Even if you're character is a fearless vet he would still consider the well-being of allies based on the repercussions of his actions. Lastly, if you are entering that realm of RP (which is pretty fucking deep lol) you have to make ALL aspects of that RP believeable at ALL times. People arent gonna give you "breaks" on RP mistakes either. Could be fun. Will probably be way more stressful than fun. But to each his own. Hope my insight can help some
  2. Hey, Im one of the newer people to the server, but I've played my fair share of RP. I'm aware of the "general sense" of rules in RP i.e. VDM, power-gaming, metagaming... but I wanted to ask the staff about thoughts on escalation and an experience I had with someone. Basically, an individual came to our home, which are setting up as a medical depot (2 people). Now it is not uncommon for people because we picked an area that is an "inbetween" from a few POIs. Most of the time interactions go well with helping people or they help us, whichever. But my first "escalating" experience was with a man who kept answering/speaking in ways to "create hostility". (name calling, overtly running thru our camp pointing out sniping locations, running on top of the fencing (2 inches wide lol). The situation ended as well as it could have without people dying, but its one of those experiences that felt more like a "standalone experience" rather than RP. Im aware that RP can take a turn left OR right at any point, but just coming into a camp and telling people you are scouting their camp; pulling an AK in and out of your hands; and/or accusing people of people hostile who arent at all just seems like a quick way to find a "RP" reason to raid someone. Seemed more like taking RP and turning it into something that gives you the rights to raid/hurt. It would seem more plausible, to me, that if you think that there is a potential loot location that you would need to disguise you're actions of espionage better, and when you DONT try to be discreet and are overtly hostile in a situation that you would clearly lose in it makes it seem as if you are using the rules to get an edge in RP. I did consider reporting the individual for overall trashy RP behavior because if someone is willing to run across the top of the fences like they are a superhero right in front of the people they would be raiding, then Im sure their actions when no one is looking are much worse... But thanks for the forum to ask you guys these things. I just want to get a clear view on the RP culture of this community!
  3. Vitaly was born in Yekaterinburg, Russia. His family was slightly above working class. His father was the local physician in their neighborhood. His family worked hard for the few things they had. They went on trips in the summer to a camping ground about 6 hours away. Vitaly liked camping and loved playing "army man" with his father. Back at home Vitaly was fairly active as a kid; always playing sports or some other game with his friends. Vitaly made very good grades and eventually wanted to be a doctor like his father. He ended up getting a degree in medicine and took over his father's practice in his mid 20's. His personality is likeable by most people. He doesn't feel the need to speak out at every chance and does keep information to himself, but not to hide things from people. Vitaly just likes to be sure that he has a good read on the people in front of him. Most the kids, at the end of highschool, know Vitaly as an insanely smart young man who is almost "militaristic" in his ways, but Vitaly's friends know he is a caring friend, who even jokes around from time to time. Vitaly sets out now to be a traveling doctor with the intent of learning about the different settlements in town. He looks to trade medical supplies for his camp and the people he lives with and knows that the stories about a cure are just false hopes...
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