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  1. Link to the situation: N/A Any supporting evidence or notes: N/A Feedback: Excellent staff member, willing to land a helping hand even if it goes above and beyond his duties.Very fair and kind but most importantly understanding. Always has been a pleasure when dealing with this man. Suggestions for improvement: Perfect as you are. Dont change a thing.
  2. Group Page Change-log New members added - @zyton @FallenAngel Updated visuals and page structure - by @GaryCash Updated Majority Shareholder Corporation logo added - Original art by @AlkisLR, modified by @big league
  3. As a Czech person I am both proud and so pleasantly surprised with how well this is made! Especially due to the fact that Czech is a very difficult language to get a solid grasp of... Amazing work!
  4. Kind of a pointless question to be quite fair. Nothing is only black and white. I suggest you actually read the page like everyone else and make your own assumptions and opinions.
  5. All those who are interested in being recruited for the Arm & Claw Co. message me; @obidan66, @Leonatos Or @GaryCash himself in order to apply for a position. Recruitement for the Majority Shareholder Corporation is a much more selective process but for the time being it is OPEN. Message the aforementioned members in order to apply for a position. Thank you. Logo by @AlkisLR.
  6. Great idea, love going the extra mile and having like bus driver uniforms and all. Also Massive applause to you @Hofer for correctly spelling that in Czech / Chernarussian. ; )
  7. Eddie Grey was born to a semi-wealthy family of European immigrants that came to America in the mid-70s. Eddie's father was a marketing director for a large pharmaceutical company, while his mother was a successful head of a large department in a local construction firm. Eddie's upbringing was largely very calm and peaceful, while not seeing either of his parents very much growing up, he definitely didn't miss anything. Eddie went to private schools all throughout his life all the way up until University, when he decided he wanted to pursue a career in the military. Joining the Air Force, he studied for several years in the US. Air Force Academy, graduating a 2nd Lieutenant as a Helicopter Pilot. Continuing to volunteer for several deployments and later reassignments into special operations groups, after his achievements in the line of duty. Despite his achievements and an impressive service record, Eddie was ever driven on by his ambitions and perhaps for the promise of wealth, one day he simply left the Air Force, serving out the rest of his contract and moving onto the private sector, disappearing from the public records altogether.
  8. Daniel Kat was born to a middle-class family in the heart of Novigrad. His upbringing relatively simple, as by the time he was 4 years old, the USSR fell apart and he would later begin enjoying the freedoms of an independent Chernarus as a child. After finishing his elementary school he'd go on to a private grammar school as he'd shown a talent for law and politology, continuing on to a university in the capital to pursue the study of law. However as fate would have it, by his 3rd year of study the civil war broke out and due to the anti-Russian and patriotic ideology he was raised in, Daniel left the University to join the Chernarussian Defense Force and fight for the independence of his nation. At the beginning of the civil war, he would be assigned to the logistical branch at the rank of a Praporčík (Warrant officer), with his position hardly seeing any combat, Daniel decided that he would rather fight at the front lines, later on, his wish coming true and being transferred to a recon unit where he remained until the end of the war. With the war being lost and everything being in the process of reformation, Daniel quickly returned home to Novigrad, knowing that having served in the CDF, the new government would most likely imprison him or at the very least make his life in Chernarus a living hell, making it impossible to have a decent job, living conditions and his whole family would suffer for Daniel's actions. Daniel's father along with Daniel and the rest of his family, have decided that they must all leave Chernarus before its too late for all of them, spending all of their possessions on fake documents, bribes, passports in order to get across the sea to Turkey and from there to Europe. Unfortunately, at a dockyard East of Lopotevgrad, Daniel's family's cover was blown when a patrol of soldiers from the RAC caught both his father, mother, and Daniel's younger sister, as they spoke to a sailor which was supposed to smuggle them out of the country. Daniel was only able to escape capture because he boarded the ship first In order to store aboard all of their luggage and the ship's captain left the harbor swiftly as soon as he saw the RAC patrol coming. Traumatized, full of anger, and suffering from survivor's guilt, he drank away his sorrows for a couple of years across the countries of Europe, once being an intellectual and a man of integrity, now reduced to a shell of a man haunted by his failures. After years of therapy, he gave up drinking and settled in Britain for a time, attempting to draw attention to his cause of drawing Western aid to the occupation and annexation of Chernarus by the Russian forces. Frustrated and desperate by the fact that he was unable to muster enough support, he began turning more and more radical, eventually deciding that he will take matters into his own hands and make change happen by himself, spending all the money he made through the years on weapons from the black market, supplies, equipment and a one-way trip back home... To Chernarus.
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