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  1. Link to the situation: N/A Evidence or notes: N/A Feedback: He's handy with a set of pliers. He is also like a superhero, unstoppable, except his one weakness.. Duct tape @Hofer You're a good dude. I've enjoyed interacting with you the last few occasions. Even though you were just doing your job, I get the impression that helping people is just something you enjoy doing. 10/10 would die to barbed wire again to have Hofer in discord. Things to expect from @Hofer -prompt service -he will try to rob you -friendly attitude -willingness to go above and beyond to fix the situation Suggestions for improvement: never turn your back on a Russian you pointed your gun at.
  2. Hey are you up?  Can you come down the farm house please.  I think I am glitched out in barbed wire

    1. Vast


      I logged out.. didnt want that shit to kill me

    2. Hofer


      Hey @Vast hop into the helpdesk before you're going to play next time and a GM or Admin might be able to help you get unstuck.

    3. Vast


      I logged back in and died lol.  I'll do that next time for sure.

    4. Hofer


      Shame. Oh well, now you know 🙂

  3. Vast


    *He would press the PTT* "Da, we found it, is nobody home?" *he would release the PTT*
  4. Vast


    *he would press the PTT, you would hear a russian accent break the static on the radio* Where is checkpoint? We looked for you in Vybor. Out.
  5. It's almost like you're bringing Walmart into a community that is already struggling with small business. Fix the issue with player trader bases being constantly robbed and you wont need this NPC. How about offering actual player traders some protections against raiding? Forget about a NPC. You already have a great group system in place that could be further expanded. Groups could have specialties or jobs that offer them certain advantages/perks. Like if a group specializes in trading they would be offered some form of protection from theft. It could even mesh with the group settlements you are testing. That was just an example but something like an NPC trader takes away from RP. Player to player trading makes for some great RP. I say enhance our ability to trade amongst ourselves. At any rate, whatever you decide to do, thank you for the work you put in.
  6. I'm willing to bet that a number of people have thrown away your favorite weapon because of what's known as "ghost mag." Ghost mag is when the magazine is glitched in the magazine slot. The magazine slot shows the mag, however there is no mag visible in the gun itself. You are unable to remove it via normal means. Maybe I'm not the first to discover how to fix this, but I searched and found nothing. At this point, I've fixed 3 guns with a ghost mag so this is a repeatable fix and you also get to keep your magazine. Sorry no vid, but it is easy. The fix: Simply drag the ghost mag ONTO an item in your inventory and let go. You should keep the mag and it will work again, however I think you may lose the other item, though not 100% sure on that. Enjoy
  7. Alright fair enough. How did someone radio a character that was not in game though? Zac Grayson was logged in for approximately 6min 43sec before he killed Rooster. Someone claimed he was calling in the radio "I just wanted water in zelenegorsk". This happened at 13:05 in my video. Zac Grayson fired his first shots at 21:47 in the video. This means that over 8 1/2 minutes of time elapsed after you made your radio call. How did Zac Grayson receive a radio transmission when he was not even logged into the game? See rule 3.5 on metagaming.
  8. I am confused what led G19 (Zac Grayson) to believe he had kill rights when he was given a gun? I realize the 3 guys all know each other, however neither of these 3 characters we encountered IN GAME are affiliated with the same group. Also, it is IMPOSSIBLE that G19 could have RP'd recently with the other 2, the connection logs are evidence of this. The logs show Zac Grayson opening fire on Andrew Rooster first. In my opinion, he did not have valid kill rights in this situation. Within 6 minutes of logging in, he killed Andrew. 04:41:17 | Player "Zac Grayson" is connected 04:47:58 | Player "Andrew Rooster" (DEAD) killed by Player "Zac Grayson" with B52 from 3.50278 meters As you see in the screenshots below.. these characters are not affiliated with each other. Arri Graham - Legion Corp Zac Grayson - Anarchy Luke Arrey - None ************* Removed an extra screenshot added by mistake
  9. This was so much fun, thank you to all involved. Unedited videos
  10. POV: Rooster had just been attacked by a man with a machete at the barn. As this was happening I was looking out into the field and saw a man running form a horde of infected. I called out to my friend Hector to come, the rest follow (Rooster and gang). We proceed to help the man by killing the zombies. The old vet calls his friend over. Hector was in dire need of drugs, as we had been searching all day.. The group goes through the ropes of searching the men for drugs. We had no intentions of hurting these men, or taking their gear. In fact were in the process of releasing them on their way, but Hector needed those Gucci shoes for his lady. Just then, a random guy walks up.. for whatever reason someone thought it was a good idea to give him a gun. I will let the videos do the rest of the talking, as I left some important details out (simply traumatized to be honest). I will be uploading them within a few hours, or whenever I am able (slow connection atm). I have about 25 minutes of footage that includes the first moment I spot the old men. If any further information is required of me, admins please advise. RIP old man
  11. Hi folks, New to the server (and DayZ). I've got a bit of play time under my belt now and I have been having a blast so far! Looking forward to playing with some of you folks in the future. In regards to the title.. I swear I have not been abusing either of these substances in game... Bye for now
  12. *Work in progress*
  13. Great time, my first day as well. First week playing the game even. I'm hooked
  14. Yevak Volkov 29 years Male Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Kamchatka Peninsula Commercial fisherman Profile Attributes Hates seafood Speaks, but cannot read English Headstrong Swears like a sailor Suffers from PTSD Backstory He had never killed a man. At least not until he stepped off the boat at the Kamchatka seaport, his home town. Thick, black smoke billowed from the markets in the distance, smothering the familiar backdrop of the Koryakskaya Sopka volcano. Gunshots echoed throughout the city, then vanished into the vast expanse of sea. Yevak arrived on his street and quickly realized that all the homes had been set ablaze, including his own. The thick plumes of smoke covered the street. He raced home to find two men running out of the front door. Yevak drew his 9mm Makarov and fired on them, dropping one of the men, while the other managed to escape. Inside, he finds his wife and daughter, both bound and gagged with a bright red streak across their necks. The smoke was too intense for him to bear as the flames started to devour his home, he had to get out. He falls to his knees in the lawn and lets out an anguishing cry. Several hours later.. A military chopper flies overhead, waking Yevak out of his depressive stupor. Yevak thinks of his father, Yuri, who is a military pilot stationed in Chernarus. He decides he must go to Chernarus to find his father, some 4000 miles away. He scrambles to his feet, gathering what supplies he can from the garage: shotgun, ammunition, knife, food, and water. Upon arrival to the seaport, he encounters a man acting very strange on the harbour. The man was limping, snarling, his face grotesque and pale. Unsure of what to do, as the man blocked his path, Yevak draws his Makarov and yells for the man to get out of the way. The man lets out a piercing scream and charges Yevak, who is forced to fire his weapon. The mangled lifeless body of the man lay there in front of Yevak, blood pouring from his mouth, his flesh appeared rotten. This a kind of sickness he had never seen. Behind him, he sees a group of people limping towards him, who appear to have the same pale faces. All of a sudden, they begin to run at Yevak. Outnumbered, Yevak runs towards his boat. He runs up the gangplank and tosses it into the sea. Watching as the sick people fall straight into the water after him, clawing at the side of the boat and then slowly sinking below the surface. He quickly removes the rope from the cleats, tossing it over the side. In the wheelhouse, he starts the engine and begins his long journey to Chernarus. 2 years later.. (In his travels, Yevak had learned of an explosion off the coast of Chernarus and discovered that some kind of infection was spreading all over the world. It was clear to him that was the same infection he experienced at home.) The journey to Chernarus was a long and dangerous one, which apparently was not over yet. Upon arrival to the Chernarus border, Yevak was met by a group of bandits. They held him at gunpoint with little option other than to comply. Naturally, Yevak shouted out a few insults which resulted in a fist to his face. He was then stripped of all his possessions less the clothes on his back. Bloody, bound, and left for dead on the coast of Chernarus.. His goal was still clear, he must find his father.
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