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  2. @HeinrichStawski Honestly in hindsight, it wasn't that bad and I apologize for saying so. I wish you had enough time or whatever it was you were doing to involve me. I thought about killing the 2 outside and running but I wanted to see what the heck was going on and don't really know if server politics would see that as KoS even though I was afraid for my life after seeing 2 people die. Once you said "execute, oh did I say that out loud" I was pretty pissed and was hoping I could jump the wall tower. I was just being a salty bitch because I work really hard on characters and my experience so far has been 1. queue for 45 minutes 2. run for 15 minutes 3. get shot by people wearing all black with tier 4 operator gear, I guess so they can take my steak knife 4. try again the next day. I finally got maynard equipped with some survival stuff (all gifts) and am told I'm going to be executed before I even find a 2nd friend. Honestly @HeinrichStawski its totally cool. Make sure your guys yell though. Seeing how you all RP'd I totally believe you were giving commands to green armband, but I didn't hear any commands until they were dead. Anyway I sincerely apologize to you and your group (plz pass on) for saying shit RP. Other than dying too soon it's probably the most interesting thing thats happened. Lol
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  4. I saw this murder. You ran 10m in front of me away from the body toward the trees. You didn't see me because you were looking over your right shoulder as you ran. 2 ran out after you and shot you like a dog 15m to my left. After they shot you they saw me crouched down. They killed me too after tying my up inside the base. At least I got a little RP out of it. All they said to you was "don't run" as they shot you in the back. They call themselves the corporation. The only name said outloud was "stormy". I apologize I was not streaming at the time.
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