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  1. Chen is ethnically ambiguous, having to Chenarusian parents, but grew up in Los Angeles. He was actually born near Novigorad airport as his parents left for a better life. He returned to Chenarous as an adult to reconnect with his family prior to the event. After spending most of the early part of the outbreak in the far NE corner surviving on the wits his mild insanity provided him, he ventured out to find a reason to find a more stable existence. It was some time before his wife was able to find him. Having used a long standing DoD career to form a viable PMC after the fall, Chen's wife and the Dead Eye's found themselves under contract in Chenarous. Quite by chance they were able to reconnect, Tiger barely remembering his former life having been devoid of his medication for so long. As Chen became more stable and grounded, his leadership and fearlessness in battle demonstrated his rightful place at the head of the Dead Eyes PMC... at least until they could find their way home.
  2. As the trade fair wound down after a quiet day of trading, it was clear that an ordinary day because anything but. Perhaps it was boredom, perhaps the culmination of recent events or itchy trigger fingers? Although the answers to these questions may never be found, what is clear, based on eyewitness accounts, is members of the Dead Eyes Tribe, UN, and KRD are all dead following skirmishes in the area. Hostilities started when a member of the UN patrol force, meant to keep peace in the area, was robbed in his overwatch position 400m from the trader. Tensions rose when shoppers in the trader were assumed to be affiliated with the bandits and held up for questioning. After being released from their “questioning” at gun point, the shoppers were told by the UN representative Maxime they were free to go. As they walked slowly up the road, shots rang out from the valley entrance, near where robberies had been occurring. The trader security immediately raised weapons on the shoppers, and although eyewitness accounts vary, shot Deadeye Ichabod in the back while he faced a wall (photo provided by eyewitness from UN who wishes to remain nameless). The Dead Eyes are not know to take a death of the brother lightly, and the ensuing hostilities are feared to be just the beginning. Lack of a central government doesn’t bode well for the peaceful folk of Eastern Cherno. More as the story unfolds
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