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  1. LoadedVoltage

    S1-Vybor-Metagaming/NVFL- 2019-10-06, 04:54

    If thats gonna be your explanation thats pretty sad, thats all I can say. 35 people who sleep in 5 tents, good luck with that. Also I didnt know you had to die to break the rules?? Thanks for the tip, if I just whip my gun out when at a disadvantage and merk them all, im in the right. You really set a good example my man!
  2. LoadedVoltage

    S1-Vybor-Metagaming/NVFL- 2019-10-06, 04:54

    So in 30-45 seconds he can decide if someone is a sloppy raider and just avoid rules? Its a 9v1 not a 11v30 theres a big difference. You're at a disadvantage, you werent prepared with your 11 men full armed to goto battle or fight. We lost men quickly because areas that were already SEARCHED had no body in it, until the logs show that people CONNECTED to the server and with the obvious knowledge that they were being raided and used those already searched locations to kill us. Also its not the fact that he "he came out on top and killed two of you off the break without even getting a scratch on him" thats irrelevant to the actual FACT that 2 people had weapons drawn pointed at him telling him to do an action, he also admits to hearing multiple people inside raiding, he knows its more that just the two he sees. Which puts him at more of an disadvantage, you all can make characters that are made of steel and can do all and see all. But you literally are avoiding the fact that if your "ASLEEP" you would already of been tied, had guns pointed at you while your laying down, or shot before you woke up. 2 of ours outside and one of yours leaves 7 of us inside, only 4 of you inside? Still a huge disadvantage especially just waking up and should have no knowledge on whats happening. The thought about a salt report? I got away with everything I took from there, no salt tasted here? I didnt make the report yet there is very obvious wrong doings here, I have no reason to be upset considering everything went fine for my character, not even a bullet in him. You guys act like you're terminators, I really dont know how you dont expect a report.
  3. LoadedVoltage

    S1-Vybor-Metagaming/NVFL- 2019-10-06, 04:54

    Im literally seeing this guy admit to breaking fear RP and not valuing his life??? I really dont understand how there point of "I was sleeping in the base" is relevant to all of them just waking up for no reason. If they were so called "Sleeping in the tents" so they wouldve heard us looting is a ridiculous claim that makes no sense whatsoever. If there characters were sleeping in the tents then they'd already be at fear RP since we were all over the tents with guns, or we would have already tied or cuffed them in the tents. Or even have shot them. Theres 3 options vs their one "Oh I woke up from gun shots huehuehue" Also how is severson RP contacting people who are asleep on his radio??? He claims reinforcements yet people just loaded into the server no body came to help from another location. Thats for sure fail RP, those people are not even in the game and hes asking for reinforcements. POV: Once I arrived at the checkpoint I started looting looking inside every tent for any person hiding or waiting to ambush us, I look through every tent personally. Even saw one of our guys go up the tower to check for anyone or any loot. We proceed to start looting until this man comes up in a red sweatshirt and starts saying "Im american! Im good!, this man obviously knew what was going on and was apart of the base, 2 of our men hopped outside of the base with guns drawn and pointed at the man, he proceeds to not put his hands up or comply at all being the only man vs 9 of us raiders. He starts to run around and take a weapon out, killing the two people that already had guns out and were telling him to put his hands up. The red sweatshirt man proceeds to run off and hide somewhere, almost instantly a man from the tower unloads a mag onto one of ours sawing a door. Right after he did that, all of us turned on the man under the tower and took him out. Since people started just appearing we thought it was best to leave so we started too, but we started getting shot in the back from the base as we tried to leave the front gate and alteast two more of our men went down. I started to book it away from the area but keeping an eye on it from a distance, and I saw a bunch of people just "wake up" and start running out of the base seemingly looking for people.
  4. Alexei Sergeivich grew up like your typical kid, both parents in the house that cared for him and gave him everything he needed for success. For him he didn't see it that way and despised his parents and created problems within school and the family. Alexei's father had a very stressful job that he wasn't allowed to speak about ever and not even the little things. This started to draw separation in the family, mom and dad started to become violent and argue every night. Alexei would sit in his room listening unable to grasp what it was like to have that normal life he had, little did they all know that the world would lose that same feeling. When the outbreak first threatened Alexei's homeland a city not far from Chernarus which was named Sochi, his friends and family were unsure of what to do or where to go, causing mass panic and mistakes to be made. As the fighting of armies raged on Alexei decided it was best to leave his crazy family who were already almost torn apart before everything went downhill. He took to the underground railroad to avoid being blown up or infected, and in doing so he obtained some new friends that gained the trust of him. With little knowledge on what was happening above him and to his family, he took the first opportunity for a chance to become something and help others. His new friends heard of a pre-established hideout that knew of what was coming before it hit, they thought that was the only hope to find out what was the truth behind what happened. So they set off underground to their destination of Chernarus. Forced to head above ground when certain passage ways were blocked from rubble. As they arrived the group of new friends soon figured out it wasn't truth and the journey had been a waste. By that time there wasn't anywhere else to go or any hope left for them. This sparked the old idea Alexei had when they had started there trip, he wanted to help others and give the ability for survival for those who need it. They all began brainstorming on how that may be possible, in doing so they found a building that seemed safe and began to make it a living quarters. Thus beginning Alexei's calling to assist when needed.
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