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  1. Frank Miller is a man from Brooklyn that came down from Chernarus on vacation to 'see the world' or whatever his parents is talking about, because it's supposed to 'open his mind' and 'give him a better view on life'. It's safe to say that over the news amassing of an infection, checkpoints, people getting evacuated, he had a better view on life all around because everything over here was getting turned upside down real fast and it was too late to get that ticket home. It was no sweat for Frank however, he can deal with being locked in for a little while but geez was it a to be kept somewhere he was getting tired of real quick - especially the beeping, traffic and yelling, the hell is the world coming to he'd wonder, until one day he gets a knock on the door. He must have really ticked someone off because whoever is out there really pounded at that door. He opens up to see what the fuss is about and has a crazy guy start grabbing all over him, nothing a shove back couldn't solve and this guy was drunk or stoned or something because he fell right over, the push wasn't even that harsh. That's when he found that there was something a little more wrong with this guy than being off his head with whatever he'd been taking. This man on the floor writhing around had blood all over his face and clothes, he was in a really bad way and from the looks of it so were some of his friends behind him. He cussed them out and told them to go bother someone else or got to the hospital or something but these guys just went charging in, well what are homes for, he shut that door up, looked around for something hard - just to rough them up a bit you know, they were already in bad shape, then he'd call up an ambulance or something. After opening up the door to welcome in his guests, it became apparently real quick that these guys just won't give up, smacking them aside and to the floor, but for a group who look like they've already gotten beaten up once this evening, they really don't wanna give up - he was going to have to kill these guys if he wanted to keep his place safe.
  2. Pavel Talev was a psychology teacher at Svetlojarsk High School who lived alone in Turovo with high anxiety to a near harmless paranoia. He wanted to pursue criminology but never found the opportunities to follow that dream around Chernarus and eventually decided that the best way to progress in life and make money is to get the authority to teach others, though he hardly got any years of experience in before the infection made its way through the country. He didn't hear much about the infection until the military was hurrying them out of town through the checkpoint and had managed to get out before the attacks caught up with the traffic so he can make his way into the Svetlojarsk, the harbour town he happened to work at so that he check in at a bed and breakfast and hopefully be out of arms reach of the infection, though it didn't take too long to realize the horror wasn't over just yet. Pavel didn't hear anything about the checkpoint being overrun, but the commotion and noises of screams, tyre screeches, gun shots and crashes was all too telling of what was happening to him, because for him there couldn't have been any other option; the disease, infection, virus or whatever it was is here and it's running rampant and killing everyone, an anxiety which was feeling very real. He found himself quickly packing his things again and making his way out to his car only to find his fortune had finally run out - the car won't start and a check under the hood showed nothing abnormal as far as he understood. He's certainly no mechanic and from how it sounds right now the mechanics that are open are going to have a lot on their hands if they've not already gotten as far from this place as possible. His mind was split, hide or run, but the solution came as rationally as his brain could function for the moment: he has no permanent accommodation and he dare not hide in someone elses house, so he figured he'd best just pack and up keep going, hope he can beat the wave of disease, or whatever it was from getting to him. He made his way west, abandoning his car for the greater good of keeping his life to get to Olha, a small town her was familiar with as a place he used to pass to buy used items he saw in the newspaper like his Blu-Ray. It was an exhausting journey taking the supplies he considered worthy of keeping to live and walking all the way to Olha, though he hardly felt like he had much choice. He barely got a glimpse of what he was running from all this time and had to assess his psychological state, figuring out if he's rationalised something incorrectly or if he's plain going insane, though he felt vindicated as he found there was definitely a rush to leave Jarsk and there was far too many people passing by at speed for these people to simply be late for work, though it didn't help him feel any less anxious as he's reminded to pick up his speed... This time not able to find an accommodation in time Pavel finds himself at an impasse and will either have to move on or sleep outside tonight and with everything so far away and this disease making it's way over, he feels he needs to find shelter and fast and so after a couple hours of looking around he resorted to hiding in the cellar beneath the church. He made sure to take roubles with him so he should be fine on supplies for at least a week as long as the shops stay open for him. He lived this way for only a few days before he awoken to chaos again but it only took him a few seconds out the cellar to find the infection he'd been running from all this time in the form of a lady getting charged down and eaten, alive where she laid by a bloodied man wearing a docker's uniform with a fair few more like him swarming aside him. Pavel is no hero and he had no doubt someone willing to do something as senseless as this would beat him in a fight, so he ran back to the cellar and hid all day long hoping it would all stop. Little did he know this was his life now and that his necessities would run low and there would be only one option: to get out, acquire what he needs to live and run.
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