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  1. THE TAX CODE @ROLAND SHOULD HAVE BEEN ON. Could you put the Nice Pile of money and Cocktails
  2. Name : Jay Jameson Age : 25 (Maybe) Location : Unclear Task: Find And Locate Doctor/Infromation about Virus. Find Communcation Tower/Device To Find out the state of the USA. Never Forget : The Voice of RJ Lead Up to 2020- Jay used to be a normal hard working man who spent most nights down his local pub/bar drinking his life away, until one day his life changed forever. Some weird as virus was going around the world was trying to stop it from spreading. Jay was relocated for work in the middle east Near Egypt and was forced to stay thier due to this Plague/Virus. This was back in 2018 December from this the world was on lockdown the world started going crazy people were scarred of each other no one knew what was really going, months went past Jay was stuck in the middle east with no clue of if he was ever able to go home, he lost communcation with his familys and friends on rummors had it that russia was able to work on some sort of cure, Jay went to the Davit Gareji Monastery to find an old friend of his named Wi Jong, he was a master/elder monk at the monastery Jay spent many months here in peace without any problems. He was prepaired to live his life here but noticed other Monks being sick with some sort of flu people went missing, they would wonder off into the desert and never come back. Jay knew there was something wrong the syimptoms where too simalir to the virus what was around a year ago, people were getting worse numbers of people catching it was increasing,Wi Caught the bug and had become so week and ill, Jay couldn't cope with losing his only friend, Jay Rememeber that there was rummors of a cure in central Europe, Jay Left the Monks to go north but noticed most of europe was locked down refussing him access, so walking further and further north ended up in some werid place called Chernarus, it was here where the real story starts when getting to chernarus the streets where empty tear gas canersters where on the floor. blood covered the floor the streets looked like they had been abused and the cars looked broken and beaten up... Jay was able to find a small house with a family of locals inside he was ofered some food and a place to say for a few nights. hardly knowing the laungage used the family taught him some russian but nothing more that "yes" "no" "Please". The family were told to move on as the army was on its way, Jay decieded to go off into the woods and hide for he had some unfinished business in Chernarus...

  4. Can't wait to roll with you boys, looking forward to the new page in my story book
  5. Clip 2 :53 - 55 seconds " I don't live within the town."
  6. Hello All, I am Nathan Will, I am seen in the video with Mia, I can confirm that in the video and at the time of the attack we say that we have moved in to town but not into the town center this is not a lie as we have been around Novo for a week or so moving into the south end and then moving again to the west. We never said we were part of any group and just said hung around here. we didn't say we were a group member of anyone running in the town center. As for the rule break for the 5.0.3 I believe @C-J will be able to explain more on this as he was involved in 2-3 events.
  7. I can confirm you will need Short Sticks and rope for the base/outlines then you will need 20 planks and about 30 nails. for each level of the shed. once you have completed the shed you will be able to access the full 500 slots. you can put camo netting on it and padlocks.
  8. Welcome Back, the world is not as you remember it Good Luck Out there.
  9. Day Two Of Seven - I hate having to sit here and do nothing when I know the prison has been hit when everyone was asleep, Can't wait to come back to an empty room after. I hope Bobby (@Rjparker) is looking after our room. god help him if he has burnt the place down with the candles. (Loneliness level 4 out of 10) 

  10. JJRambow


  11. Day One of Seven, I have only my self to blame and I am more upset that i got other people banned than just myself, tonight is games night and I will only be able to talk instead of enjoy the sweet RP. 

    1. RonnieLR


      You making a diary for the 7 days? Where each day has a slightly more depressing post

    2. JJRambow


      Only time will tell, 🙂 

  12. Link to the situation: N/A Helpdesk Call, After being Banned Any supporting evidence or notes: Not Applicable due to Call, Feedback: Amazing and helpful member of the staff helped me with my problem and was very nice to me, I was happy to talk about issue and wanted to talk to someone about the recently solved report, I wanted to ask if there was a way to provide feedback and wanted to know who dealt with my report after talking to Jade and Banshee, I was happy and was on my way Suggestions for improvement: Nothing, Keep up the great work welcome back, And I would highly recommend JADE for GM.
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