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  1. JJRambow

    Lore Wipe Discussion

    It's a no from me, there would be so much to work on once again, I don't like the idea of forgetting everything there was so much history over the last 3 years of DAYZRP. do you really want to erase all of it. I know I don't some was good and some was bad. but Starting fresh requires a lot of work.
  2. I looked after you when you were broken, you looked after me when I was alone. You were a brother to me and you didn't know it. It's been a few days without you but It's about time I put you to rest. So I Took a Car to Gorka With you in the back, to bury you in a place we once called home. I know its been a long time since we called it home but it will always hold my best memories of you. I Carried you to the River the one with the nice stone walking path, there I had already dug your bed. I placed you inside the Box and Closed the lid Placed a Leather Jacket onto and Said the following " You Could Never Escape the Pain in your heart, but I can tell you, one thing brother, you will always be part of my world... GOODBYE OLD FRIEND" I Left A HeadStone With the Following. RIP "JAX" TOD - 3rd Winter "THE TRUE LEADER OF THE MC " "Brother" Good-BYE Friend My Your Next Life Be A Good One. ** JJ Walks Off Into The Woods"**
  3. JJRambow

    Staff Feedback: Alan Woods

    Link to the situation: Request For Help 10/01/2020 Any supporting evidence or notes: N/A Feedback: Amazing Help and Support For a Subject Close to my Heart. (On top of My Olga) he as able to point me in the right direction and help me when I was lost. Suggestions for improvement: Nothing I Feel Like you are my Personal Support God
  4. JJRambow

    The 5.0.3 [Open Recruitment]

  5. JJRambow

    We still miss you, big guy..

    I will Raise a Glass for a fallen Soldier
  6. JJRambow

    We still miss you, big guy..

  7. JJRambow

    [Frequency 111.50] "***** It's Brando!" OPEN FREQUENCY

    *Static* "Brando I like that Name..." *Static* "I Will be Seeing You Soon" *Static* "Remember This Voice" *Static* "*Laughter*" *Static*
  8. My Name Is JJ, and This Book Holds a Few days from my life. -- Family Live On -- Well, That's what I use to think before I was pushed around in this world, I have been in this land for a few months but I can tell you know I'm done with being the nice guy. I had myself a home what was stolen and destroyed in front of my eyes. My daughter was bitten and was with me until her last breath, Before the outbreak, she became a journalist in order to interview several individuals and document their personal stories. in her dying breath she told me to keep the film rolling, so I have decided to keep interviewing random survivors to honour her death and for the future of civilization... This world is a dog eat dog world and I'm no longer going to lie down. I met this guy by the name Jax he said he can show me the true world. so, for now, I'm going to follow him. He will be my first interview. -- Realising you become what you hate -- it's been a few weeks since I was expected into this new group they're calling themself the MisFits, I believe the Leader is some yonger lad called JAX, I believe he was in the MC before this outbreak before all this. but the other night was not like any other night, I was alone looking after the clubhouse. I noticed a few boys walking down the road they noticed the club house and noticed the working cars outside the compond they wanted what we had. they opened fire on the house. I got hit in the shoulder and had no choice to fight back. I lent agenst the wall and hear them reloading, I poped up and shot back hitting one in the head and killing him in one shot. at this moment in my life... TIme Stood still I looked down at my hands holding a gun... What Have I done... Before I could think or even reload I was shot at from a diffrent location up the hill... I moved to a north facing window and replied with a few bullets hitting him in the leg and arms he was on the floor screaming for his friend I noticed his friend scared behind a wooden log. I replied to them saying... "Why did you come here... Who Are you..." *before he could respond I noticed a glare from the window to the right of me.* I moved and shot at the glare. I looked back over to the log and no one was their. I locked the compond and went to look at the people who attacked maybe just mabye one of them could still be alive. I looked around a noticed blood everywhere I picked up the gun from the first guy I shot and placed the gun strap on my shoulder. He was dead no dought about it the bullet went through his skull. The second people was not were I was expecting i noticed the blood trail and followed it to the river where there was a body floating in the water. he was dead but slowly reawaking as a infected. I used a knife to kill the Undead. I then went over to the glare and I was Shocked. I couldn't believe my eyes. It was a young boy must have been no older than 15. Dead with glass and metal in his eye socket. I couldn't believe it he was just a boy... I looked down once again and noticed that my hands where covered in blood and shaking from the disbeleaf of the events that just unfolded. I went back inside and lead down closing my eye for the first time in weeks.... But I wasn't alone in the darkness I could just see his face the young boy... how Did I Fall So Far from who I am.
  9. "Jack You Took Everything Into your own hands, You Thought were yours alone. you wanting to become something the MC is not... Louie was my brother, how dare you try to twist that boys mind into a image you wanted for him. I'm Glad you are dead because now louie is free from you." //JACK D YOU WILL ALWAYS BE MISSED FROM ME SAD TO SEE YOU GO AND TBH HOPE TO SEE YOU SOON.
  10. I knew it would be, just dont want to @ the big man himself.
  11. Will there be A Xmas Sale for the Item Shop, I will be getting money this year for Chirstmas and want to spend it on something I will use Sorry if I am Speaking Out Of Place Here. JJ
  12. JJRambow


    JJ Is Ready for tonight Count me in
  13. JJRambow

    PopPops Booth

    Nice photo's always enjoyed you cookingpot
  14. JJRambow

    Current Zombie Power Levels Above 9000

    I also agree, I feel like the zombies are too strong. right now they're all wearing camo (Covered in Snow) so you can be walking down a road looking for some food or chickens to cook up. next thing you know there is like 5 zombies all looking at you... lets just hope you have a big building to lock them in. Just the other day I was walking through StarySobor and wanted to look in a barn.. I was talking to my friends and opened the barn holy damn there was 9 zombies looking at me like a fat kid looking at pie I was died in moments. leason learnt that day barns are not safe if you even hear one zombie inside.
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