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  1. AKM because it's mah big girl. She keeps me safe.
  2. Camellia was a quiet child growing up. Keeping to herself most of the time, as her parents never had time for her. She had siblings, but they were all older, and in the army. However, this didn't dampen her spirits. She became more independent because of this, and was able to take care of herself at quite a young age. By the age of 10, all of her siblings had applied for different military programs, and by the time she was 14, they were all sent off to different parts of the world. At that point she was completely independent. Her parents were usually on business trips for weeks upon weeks, and the only time they were home, they spent their time on social occasions. She took this opportunity to take up as much school work as possible and managed to get into university at the young age of 17. At that point, all of her siblings had fallen in the line of duty, and her parents passed away from sicknesses contracted from work and travel. This didn't stop her either. She kept pushing forward knowing that no one was going to do anything for her, she had to do it herself. She was ready to take on the world. By the time she turned 20, Camellia had finished her university degree on Computer Science and Computer Hardware. She had received a job opportunity to work in the States for a couple months, and she opted to move there to be begin her new life. She quickly gained positive social status among her co-worker's and preformed exceedingly well. Finally, On March 15th 2017, Camellia was offered a promotion. A promotion that would change her life forever. She had been going above and beyond anyone else, and her talents were required elsewhere. However, Camellia didn't agree with the terms. They offered her almost four times the amount of money compared to what she's currently getting, as long as she agreed to move to Chernarus and live there for at least 24 months. She would reside in her own living space within the site. Her personal schedule would no longer exist, she would have to leave her personal life behind to pursue a job that would potentially squeeze the life out of her. On the other hand, she had nothing in North America. The last of her family either perishing from old age, sickness, or falling in the line of duty. She wasn't the type for risking her life for others. It was difficult to gain her complete trust. By nature she's stubborn as an ox, but as rambunctious as a curious tiger cub exploring the jungle for the first time. She decided to take the chance, and pursue the job. She assured herself that sometimes life will get difficult before things get better and it will be worth it. From that day, Camellia travelled by aircraft from the States to the North West Airfield in Chernarus. She was stationed there with her own quarters, and was in charge of the security for the Airfield. She worked 20 Hours a day, with only 4 hours of time a day to sleep, and 15 minute personal breaks every 4 hours. She was given an assistant to help with the time she was away from her work. She worked hard, day and night, convinced that everything was going to workout. She kept pressing forward, working 110% every day. Until July. When everything went down hill. She was smart for her age, and she knew what was coming, something she feared for a long time. However, she didn't know when. This was something she always kept to herself, because so many people looked down on those who spoke about it. Just fairy tales to anyone not in the know. A lot of it was kept under wraps, and she couldn't let anyone know what she knew or how she knew. As the situation in Chernarus became worse over the coming weeks, her assistant agreed to give her a day off. Of course, her assistant didn't know what she had planned. By the time the facility realized she was missing, she had already disappeared into the wilderness. They sent out a small search party, only to find nothing of course. She kept to herself for quite a while even after things became quiet. At some point, she decided to come out from the shadows. (Pictures depict a Neko Woman, however for the server, my character will be defaulted to comply with the server's lore and realism. These pictures are simply to understand the overall appearance of Camellia)
  3. Thank you so much everyone! I appreciate the welcome!
  4. Hello! My name is Blek! However, You can call that or Blake, or Camellia. I'm honestly really excited to try out roleplaying in this game. I imagine it's quite different than anything I've tried, but I'm up for the experience! I wasn't sure about DayZ honestly. I usually played single player, but I hate servers because it usually ends with constant KOS. Gets old you know? Either way, I'm excited to see what it's like. I may be new to DayZ roleplay, however I am not new to text, gaming, or voice RP.
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