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  1. Stephen grew up in a normal home, normal life. His goals in the future were uncertain. He loved astronomy, but his grades in school weren't high enough to get into his favored school, Cornell. After trying to convince his mother and father, he decided to join the US Military at the age of 18. There, he became a Cavalry Scout, (19D). After a few years doing the same thing, he applied for Airborne school, and then eventually, Ranger School. Assigned to the 75th Ranger Regiment, 3rd Ranger Battalion. His story in this wasteland began when he was HALO jumped down to deal with the quarantined country. Unfortunately, upon landing, he realized that he landed far from his squad, lost in this zombified wasteland alone.
  2. Stephen sighs and nods to himself, another journey. He grabs his radio and presses the PTT. "I noticed..... And I always have my radio on me, no worries about that. I'll keep my ears open for ya. High Voltage Out." He laid back, then shook his head at his radio habits.
  3. Stephen lays upon on the hospital in Chapavesk, using his backpack as a pillow. He looks at his radio and tunes in to the Black Fox Frequency, pressing the PTT. "Come in, Black Fox. How Copy? Anyways." He chuckled "My name is Stephen Kish. Been helping out at the Camp for the past few days. Met a few of your group members. I was interested in a position within your group somehow. Don't know what the requisites are. But this apocalypse gets lonely sometimes, and what you guys and gals run brings hope for humanity in the far future. I like that. I respect that." He releases the PTT and lays back, leaning to his right to scoop up some canned peaches he found on the roof whilst waiting for a response.
  4. *Stephen wakes up from the transmission and holds down the PTT button* "I am actually in top of one of the buildings in chapavesk. Took an overnight trip as I started seeing dead bodies around the north. Much safer up on the roof." *Stephen rubs his eyes and takes out his binoculars, overlooking the camp then moving to overlook the Balota airport.*
  5. *Joe picks up his radio* Where is Camp Indigo? I'm lost, I see a large radio tower from the woods! *Joe puts his radio back down* *Stephen looks back at his radio as he overlooked Chapavesk and parts of balota through his Binoculars. He walked back and talked into it* "It is west of Cherno and East of Balota. There are plenty of tall apartments there that should be easy to identify it." *He sets the Radio down and looks through his binoculars once more.*
  6. *Stephen picks up his radio and talks into it* "Hey! Are you okay?! I am up at Camp Indingo if you would like some assistance!" *He looked around at the emptiness and put down his radio*
  7. *While siting in his office, Andy hears the man's transmission over the radio. He imidately picks it up and holds down the PTT button* "Shit, you allright?! Hey, you did say something about a tower down south at the coast, right? If you can make your way up to Chapavesk just north of Chernogorsk we can help you out if you're in need of help! Just come to the center of town, next to a pretty big hospital and you'll find us there! Camp Indigo is the name of the place! Please respond if you can hear this! Over!" *He releases the PTT button, lays down the radio onto the desk and lays back in his chair, awaiting a responce* *Stephen sits down and sighs* "Sorry for the late response, my radio was busted to hell. Chapavesk? I'll try to head down but......... I seem to be in an Airport north of Krasnostav. Heh, Travelled around the west through some camps to finally arm myself for future encounters with them Zombies. It looks like it is starting to rain, So anyone with shelter would be nice, I have food to trade and some supplies I don't need." *Stephen Lays back and clips his radio to his shoulder, awaiting a response.*
  8. Mister Fish, I do copy you. Where are you now? Are you still on your own? For security reasons I cannot give my name away easily, but be sure you can trust me. How copy? Over. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Stephen's Radio clicked on as the white noise came from it, occasionally hearing gunshots and awful gurgling noises. More shots could be heard and then Someone picked up the radio and clicked it off. The next time it came on, Stephen's voice came in and out. "If....." "Any...Ody" "Hord....... Ased me........ South...... I......... Hangar........ Coastal Region........ Next to a........ Tower."
  9. Haven't played this or dayz in about 2 years..... Can't wait to get back into it fully! Though I am having trouble with SA in the survival aspect if anyone can give me a forum area where to find help that would be good!
  10. Stephen finished his last lonely meal inside a small clinic somewhere out in chernarus. He held the radio in his and thought long and hard, did he want to be alone anymore? He clicked the talk button and spoke into it. "My Name is Stephen Kish. I am broadcasting on an open frequency in hopes to find other survivors out here. I have plentiful medicine to hand out to any in need. Though I seem to be lost and my position as of now is unclear. I am in a small med clinic..... Just trying to find purpose. If anyone..... SOMEONE can hear this. I will supply medically in exchange for sanctuary." "I have moved on south, found some pond of sorts with a dock..... seems peaceful enough. Immediately after my first transmission About five biters surrounded the clinic and I had to move. So here I will be until I decide to move. If anyone.... SOMEONE is listening... I have medical supplies in exchange for a possible group to stay with for awhile... Heh... Big guys get lonely too." Stephen dropped his hand with the radio and looked to the pond, wondering if he was using his radio wrong
  11. Kishmas

    Need a GUID or SteamID reset? Post here!

    Need a Guid reset for SA (Btw how are things ) /Caesar GUID reset, place the correct GUID in the whitelist tab.
  12. I got it guys thanks for the replies
  13. I decided to come back to DayZRP when i saw that things have changed ALOT. So i do everything i am supposed to do, log on, walk around looting when i get kicked off the server for no reason at all. it just said "Kicked off the Server" I really really want to get back into DayZRP but cant if this problem continues.
  14. Hello! I am coming back after a month absence due to personal and academic problems. I will be creating a new character due to the memory loss of my other ones, cannot wait to RP with you guys again!