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  1. Roberto Sanchez lived all his life in Spain. He was a self-employed electrician working around his town. He went for a cruise around the Black Sea hoping to escape from monotony, little did he know that, the cruise wasn't going to be the pleasure trip he expected. On one of the stops, some people got aboard, who later turned out to be infected. Chaos spread across the ship and it end up crashing to the shore of Chernarus. The few survivors that made it to the coast, started to get desperate for resources, which cause some power struggles which ended up with some of the people killed. This cause Roberto to leave the group for fear of things getting out of hand. He survived completely alone by farming and hunting, and for a while looked like he was fine, considered the situation. But eventually the place got overruned and he had to flee the place he was starting to call home. Now he has to find somewhere else to survive, and even having to trust on someone else in a place he doesn't know very well.
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