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  1. Events as I personally witnessed them: I approached Vybor from the northwest airfield attempting to get some water. I was hiding behind a pile of logs just north of the clinic, and saw one man cutting down a tree right outside of the clinic. I approached said man who was under the alias of "Doc" and some other man in a red hood. I began RP with them by saying "I am friendly I am just passing by from the airfield." and the men began dialog with me that was friendly. Not long after us going through dialog about my character two men approached from the west at a distance of about 150-200 meters in a crouched position. Which then led to the man in a red hood approaching them and waving with one hand up. As "Doc" and I observed the men we then decided it would be smart for us to retreat back to the Vybor check point (Anarchy). I am not apart of the (Anarchy) group as of that moment in time. We went to the check point and waited out to see if we were being followed, which we weren't. Then we proceeded to the town again after server restart. Which led to the events that occurred on here and so that there is some context to the situation. I did observe the countdown from the men who held us hostage and the execution of the character going by "Doc" and the following gun battle between the man in the hood and one of the captors which he killed, and the 1 of the 2 captors killed the man in the red hood after the incident in question.
  2. Nationality: American National or Hispanic dissent. Branch: Army UN Peace Keeping Forces Age: 22 Build: Tall Moderate Build. Backstory: My Character Sunny Tostino was a medic assigned to the United Nations force who were supposed to arrive off of the coast of Chernarus by ship in the Costa Risacca. But due to the unfortunate events that followed he was separated and ended up washing up on shore with a few others. After being awoken to the sounds of crashing waves and shuffling feet there was some confusion and then his new life began. Before these events Sunny Tostino volunteered to join the United Nations peacekeeping forces after a deployment to the middle east with the army, where he was able to experience the realities of war and the traumatic events that were associated with it. Nonetheless he felt as if he was able to contribute more to the world by volunteering for the UN and ultimately he ended up finding himself once again fighting in a far away country in an unknown place that he couldn't even find on a map. But that didn't discourage him from completing his duties and wanting to help the people in chernarus and the struggle that they were having against the Russians occupying their region.
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