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  1. Derek Hill is a 31 year old man born and raised in Grand Forks, North Dakota. Growing up, Derek wasn't the most popular kid but he had a couple close friends he hung out with and got into a bit of trouble with... 3 DUI's and 1 MIP to be exact. At the age of 18 he started working at a grain elevator and got away from that lifestyle of just drinking and getting arrested. He had a beautiful wife named Olivia and a perfect son named Noah. Derek and Olivia had their son unexpectedly at a young age but they loved him and loved each other very much. They felt life was perfect. Then Olivia got very sick. After going to the doctor and some tests, it turns out she had stage 4 leukemia. She died a year later, leaving Derek alone with their 8 year old son. Her dying wish was to have her ashes scattered in the Green Sea off of Chernaus, her homeland. One year later Derek saved enough money to go to Chernarus and scatter his wifes ashes. They arrived on July 3rd, in hopes to spend time with each other for the 4th before spreading the ashes later that week. They went around sightseeing with Olivia one more time before spreading her ashes into the sea on the 6th. Then on July 7th Derek and Noah heard a terrible bombardment and rumors of soldiers attacking people. They took refuge in Svetlojarsk trying to avoid the chaos that seemed to be consuming Chernarus. On July 11th hell broke loose and there was people attacking everyone and everything. Derek and Noah tried to escape these monstrous humans who kill anything living. Noah did not make it out of Svetlojarsk, Derek saw him get eaten alive. Derek snapped, going into a blind rage for what seemed like an eternity, fighting his way through the dead one by one, robbing them of their "life" just as they had done to his son, and ultimately, him. His goal: ridding the earth of these vile creatures. He'd grown reckless, and he didn't care, he wanted to wipe these things out no matter the cost. Yet this wore on his body and he quickly realized that he wouldn't be able to achieve his goal alone, especially considering the close calls he barely escaped from. He'd eventually find himself coming across a few survivors. Some bad, some good, as to be expected. Nothing really stuck, other than the fact that he knew he needed to find a group. He needed to build. He knew the future he wanted and damn it all if he wasn't going to help build it. In memory of his son. In memory of his wife. He would rebuild.
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