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  1. Gary Clark was born July 18th, 1999 in Omaha Nebraska. He was a very sick child when he was first born, his mother Katherine went through a long strenuous labor that took a lot out of her and the baby. Gary's father Jack was with her throughout the entire labor and was overjoyed to hold his first born son. Gary's father was a very successful brain surgeon at Creighton University Medical Center from the 80s to early 2010s. Gary's mother Katherine was medical student in the 90s where she met Jack Clark. She got pregnant with Gary and had to drop out of college to take care of him. Gary's parents both were highly intelligent and tried making sure he learned all he could even at the youngest ages. He saw many tutors to get advanced ahead of other children before he had ever stepped inside a school. Gary was naturally an excellent student with a drive to learn and succeed. Gary's success and achievements in school would not go unnoticed. He was offered scholarships to the best privates schools in Omaha. His parents couldn't be more thrilled, their son's hard work, dedication and years of tutoring was going to finally pay off. Then there was Roger. Roger Schwann, the absolute straight edged, catholic church choir boy, golden child. And Gary's worst nightmare. Roger wasn't quite as bright as Gary but his parents owned many properties in Omaha so they paid for his scholarships. Roger hated Gary for his academic success and superior intelligence. Whenever Gary was put on the honor roll or awarded something for his grades, Roger would find him after school and beat him to a pulp. Gary didn't understand why, but no one else saw this side of Roger. He was the only one treated this way and everyone else at the school thought Roger was a stand up guy with great athletic ability. Gary became extremely depressed in middle school. His academic achievements are what he felt proudest of his entire life. And now there was Roger Schwann, constantly there to ruin it, ruin what his life had been revolved around. Gary started to miss school and would just ask for homework and tests sent to his home. He couldn't get behind academically no matter what. He needs to be a perfect student. He needs to excel so far past Roger Schwann that he will never have to see him or hear his name again. Gary graduated from his middle school with the highest grades in his class. Even with his spotty in school attendance he was able to stay on top. Gary arrived to receive his reward for his top grades. Roger was there after school like usual, Roger's jealousy finally boiled over to the point of no return. Roger used a metal bat to break Gary's right leg and his left hand. Roger was sent to a Juvenile Detention center soon after and he would never see Gary again. Gary took the summer to heal, but with Roger now gone, he was ready to start a new chapter in his life. Gary started at a new private high school, finally free from Roger, no more constant fear or having to hold himself back for anything. Immediately Gary was one of the high schools top students and would be rapidly put in advanced courses where he would connect with a few upperclass mates. These friends would be crucial for him, they brought excitement to his rather dull life. He even dated a girl from a different private school for awhile, her name was Bella. She was 3 years older than Gary, and you'd think she's far too beautiful to be paired with Gary's very awkward self. And you would think they had no reason to be together but both of their minds were sharp and they found conversing with each other more fascinating than talking amongst other classmates. They dated his freshmen year, and the first half of his sophomore year, even when she was in college. Bella decided to end the relationship because she felt wrong dating a high school student while she was in college. Gary would become depressed again. He would always cherish his time with Bella, but losing her, he felt like he had lost a part of his heart. Gary eventually moved past his first heartbreak and would date numerous more girls his junior and senior year. His main focus was always being the top of his class, he put his grades first and any poor girl who dated him second. He went on like this his last two years and graduated as Valedictorian. His family was very proud and he was extremely proud of himself. Gary decided by this time that he wanted to become a doctor just like his father, and how his mother aspired to be. Any school in Nebraska would take him, but he decided to attend the University Of Nebraska Medical Center. Gary was never very squeamish, so he thought he would make an excellent doctor, maybe even a surgeon. Gary's 2nd year; his classmates were doing small procedures on dead bodies. Gary has studied all about these procedures before hand, so he was very prepared for what he had to do. What he was not prepared for was this strange thrill he got when he would cut into the flesh. He would get a surge of serotonin with every cut, incision, poke, anything breaking the surface of the skin. Gary dismissed this feeling as something innocent. He thought maybe his passion for medical knowledge had something to do with it. Then Gary heard about the frenzied flu in Chernarus. A horrible mind turning sickness that ravaged the country. After his 2nd year of college studies, Gary decided he wanted to take a year off and study the frenzied flu in person. This way he could be one of the first to try to work with the ill here and learn about the frenzied flu before most of the world. Gary traveled to Chernarus when they opened their borders back up, very excited to work with the diseased and make a difference. However when Gary arrived, and saw what this flu was capable of, he was shocked and uncertain if he could handle such a task. Gary wanted to leave Chernarus, but the borders have been closed again. A second wave has broken out and Gary is stuck here amongst these crazed patients of the frenzied flu. Gary's desire to help people is great, but not greater than his will to live. Gary is prepared to do whatever it takes to survive in this living hell.
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