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  1. Currently residing in Chernarus, Nickolas lived life just as everyone else did. Normal. Working to provide for his 12 year old daughter, Emily, in which he struggled greatly both psychologically and financially with the loss of his wife while he was away and deployed with the United States Military some years back. At the beginning of the year 2020, Nickolas wanted a change of scenery for both him and his daughter which would hopefully help him escape the haunting memory of his beloved wife. He took the opportunity of the celebratory Open Borders in Chernarus to move him and Emily with ease. Chernaurus was the only place he could think of, for his mother grew sick with the virus and wanted to be by her side and aid her through this agonizing time in her life. She moved to Chernaurus shortly after the wedding of Nickolas and Mikaela, and the passing of Nickolas’ father a year later, for that was where they spent their honeymoon together so many years ago. She would walk down to the beach where they sat together, laughed together, and embraced one another every day at sunset so the memory of her dearly beloved would live on forever. Emily stayed home with her Grandmother as she awaited Nickolas’ return home. His daughter kept his spirits bright and his mind at ease, although, as a father, he worried about her safety at every waking moment, especially with the growing pandemic which spread across the globe at a rapid pace with symptomes only getting worse with the population that fell ill with it. Nickolas and Emily thought that this was an average, yearly flu that would pass with time but the growing catastrophic symptoms, that went unreported by the media to cover up what was really at stake, demonstrated otherwise. Patients who fell ill with the virus were locked down in the hospitals with no entry to the public to visit their loved ones. The public began to grow restless at the lack of information provided to them in which they had the right to know. Nickolas refused to hospitalize his mother for this exact reason. To help pay bills and put hot food in their bellies, Nickolas worked until the latest of hours as a new but experienced Carpenter, with ambitions to create his own business in the coming years. Emily, being so young, helped as much as she could with taking good care of her Grandmother until Nickolas returned from work, an unfortunate routine that became her new daily life. As the virus spread, so did chaos and hysteria in the public. Protests and Riots around every corner of large cities and towns, demanding to see their families and friends held hostage by the government lockdown of hospitals. They grew more violent as the days went by. The lack of cooperation from the public was very hard to contain and manage, including but not limited to the patients held within the hospitals. Nickolas’ mother only grew worse in her conditions as the months went by, making Nickolas fear the worst and grow concerned about this being a case of the “Frenzy Flu” everyone feared. She would have very aggressive outbursts towards everyone around her for no apparent reason. As Nickolas returned home one night, Emily was seen laying on the couch waiting for her father's return. He sat next to her, making her wake up and without second thought, embraced him as if they have been separated for years. She was overwhelmed with emotion and asked if Nickolas could stay home the following day. Concerned as he was, he looked at her in confusion and asked her why. She told Nickolas that her Grandmother was beginning to scare her. She claimed to be yelled at and even struck across the face for not making sure her pillows were fluffed, a very tedious task that grew exhausting for anybody. Nickolas kissed Emily on the forehead and carried her to his bed where they slept side by side for comfort and security. On May 10th, at about 4am, Nickolas was woken up by the glaring of lights appearing through his window from many vehicles immediately followed by the sounds of large trucks passing by. He got up quietly so he wouldn’t wake up Emily from her peaceful rest and looked through the blinds of his window to see what all the commotion was about. He was shocked to see a convoy of multiple transport trucks carrying armed men and others in NBC uniforms stopped in front of houses where he watched the men flood out like a broken dam and line up on the sides of neighboring front doors. It wasn’t long before Nickolas was startled by the loud, obnoxious banging on his door which was followed by the bellowing of thick Russian orders barked out through the door. As he turned the doorknob slowly and with extreme caution, Nickolas proceeded to open the door. As soon as an opening was made, the Russian soldiers breached inside violently, knocking Nickolas to the ground and began to restrain him. Nickolas demanded to know what was happening but he was only told to remain silent. Soldiers flooded into his home, clearing every room and searching for other occupants. They found his mother who was gently guided into the living room due to her being weak and feeble where Nickolas was being held. As he saw the silhouette of his mother, created by the truck lights shining into the home, Nickolas was hauled outside. His mother was seated in the back seat of one of the vehicles and Nickolas was brought to his knees on the sidewalk. As Nickolas looked around, he saw that his neighbors met the same fate as him. Men, women, and children were lined along the sidewalk where each household had 4 men in NBC uniform’s managing them along with dozens of Soldiers to provide protection and authority. The scientists gathered some equipment and began to approach Nickolas with an ominous device that they pressed against his neck and provided a short burst of beeps 3 times. A Soldier came out of the house holding Emily by the arms as she struggled to try and escape the strong grasp. Nickolas was enraged and yelled out for them not to touch her, which resulted in the stock of a rifle banged upside his head. Dazed with pain that throbbed around his head, his vision became blurred and unfocused. A series of crying, shouting, and sometimes gunfire could be heard filling the fog thickened air of his once peaceful and quiet neighborhood. The same man with the device approached Nickolas’ mother and pressed it against her neck. A different, longer beep could be heard only erupt once. They looked at one another, grabbed her by the arm with a little bit more force than the gentle migration outside of the home, and placed her in the back of one of the transport trucks where others were seated in cuffs. Emily was the next subject to test, where the same beep her Grandmother produced was heard. Nickolas begged them not to take his daughter away, but his words fell on deaf ears and she was taken away to another, separate truck than her Grandmother. This one was full of other young children. Nickolas got up and ran staggerly towards the truck but was stopped when a Soldier grabbed him by the shoulder and threw him to his back, then saw the end of the rifle slamming down towards his face before everything went black. Waking up with the most agonizing headache, Nickolas regains consciousness when sunlight beats down on his face from the opening of the window in a room that isn’t his. He sits up and approaches the window, looking outside towards the open street where he can then see people walking around, trying to make sense of the events that occurred that morning. Men are posted around the town with rifles and military equipment, the same as those who detained him, but no sign of the scientists. A note was placed on the inside of the room door that read: “We apologize for any inconvenience the events of this morning may have caused, but due to the executive order of the government, you have been placed in [Quarantine Zone #159]. This camp is here to protect you and your loved ones from the growing threats citizens may enact amongst themselves and regain stability in our beloved country of Chernarus. Here, you will be required to follow any order one of our enforcement team personnel gives you. Any resistance or unlawful acts will be met with resilience and force. You are required to comply with the curfew time of 19:30 (7:30pm), anybody seen outside during or after this time will be arrested on site and held in solitary confinement. Resistance towards Peacekeepers will result in force or possibly your death. Here, in [Quarantine Zone #159], we wish only for peace and obedience from our residents so that we, together, may return to a society of peace and happiness for future generations to come. If you have any questions, please report to your nearest Peacekeeper for an escort to the Quarantine Administration Personnel.” After numerous attempts to question the Administration about the separation of his family and receiving no answers for weeks, Nickolas took the crumbling structure and command of the camp as an opportunity to go outside the wire which held him and so many others prisoner to find the answer to all of his questions he so desperately longed for. His only goal was to find his family, especially his dear Emily. No matter the cost.
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