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  1. As a boy Zach grew up in Washington State USA. At a young age his parents split apart and he was left with his mother, being raised by his mother made him a very compassionate and respectful young man. He quickly found passion playing sports like ice hockey and would go on to work towards his goal of playing in the big league one day. As he grew into his teens he began to take confidence in his own skills on the ice and was growing into quite a star. At the age of 19 he was offered a contract to play for a team in Chernogorsk, Chernarus. Ecstatic he took the offer an made his way to Chernarus where he would go on playing Ice hockey. Three years later as he prepared for his game that night in January he had heard from some of the other players the news of this new Caedesviridae infection, also known as the Frenzied Flu had begun to spread to many people they knew and they were feeling concerned whether the season would go on with such an infection going on around them. Only three weeks later it was announced that the Ice rink would be effectively closing due to the Rapid spread of the infection throughout the region along with it many stores and other small businesses were shut down. He wasn't going to let this infection spreading ruin his athletic abilities and continued his physical training off the ice for the time being. Soon it was march and there was not many things left to do or places left to go, The infection had effectively widespread so much that the military was now locking down towns and enforcing curfews. It wasn't long before they were sending everyone to government mandated evacuation and relocation camps outside the city to help prevent the infection from reaching the few that remained healthy. His life was no longer the same as when he had arrived and the impact of the infection had begun to wake him up to his true surroundings, That night in the camp he packed all of his things and made off on his own following the railroad.
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