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  1. Jan is a loner who tries to survive in this wilderness. He tries to establish contacts with other people and recognizes good and evil in them. However, he is very distrustful, which makes him feel aggressive towards other people. Before the apocalypse, others recognized him by his ability to curse every second word. He worked as a hunter, he has an eagle eye. Since he was a hunter, he can recognize any weapon and repair it. When he was young, his house was pathological because of his mother. Therefore, he is particularly distrustful of women, and it takes a long time for another woman to make regular contact with him.
  2. Michael is a calm, honest man, but he's distrustful. He can be aggressive about losing his fiancée. He grew up in the street, his mother was angry with him and his father was never home. You can rely on him, but it's not worth messing with him, although it's hard to piss him off. His best feature of character is his altruism. He likes to help others selflessly. He is also a good shooter, he prefers to shoot for a long distance. He spends most of his time in the forest and thinks that it is the safest place and you don't need to plunder cities to survive.
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