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  1. Michał was born in Poland but he was raised in Chernarus. He was the youngest one in his family. His dad was a builder and his mother was unemployed becouse of her health condition. His brother was working as a lawyer and his sister was a teacher. Michał never liked his family. He always felt that he is adopted. Nobody cared about him and he always heard from his mother that his brother and sister are better than him. And becouse of that he suffers from depression and neurosis. But now he is laughing about it becouse they're all dead and he is the one who is still alive. Michał is only woried about his father becouse he was working abroad and he just don't know if he is still alive. The same applies to his girlfriend. To this day he is still looking after her. Michał was always interested in few things. IT stuff, martial-arts, weapons, self-defense stuff. It all led him into the pen-testing. One day he broke into the servers without leaving any traces behind. But not for everyone. A small group of hackers met him and wanted him to join them becouse he had the best abilities. Strong, brave, independent, well-known with weapons and IT stuff, charismatic and silent at the same time. He knew how to talk peacefully with people and how to talk aggressively if the situation required it. But still he didn't want to stay outside the law for his whole life. He went to the IT university to get a document and a good job. He knew that if police will get him he will leave Julia alone. Anyway... it all went to the same thing. Now he knows that Julia is somewhere there alone. Dead or alive. He don't care about it. He just wants to find her.
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