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  1. In my honest opinion I was under the impression that you had indeed heard Mr. Lancet due to the fact I heard him screaming his head off (ooc he said if someone was in his house Sleeping he would have gotten yelled at.) so I do apologize for taking part in trying to end the driver . For the guy who killed me later on sorry I didn’t give you much of a challenge I could have swore you were wearing our armband hahah . I feel like if the RP wasn’t avoided we wouldn’t have taken fire but what do I know this is a totally banable offense I guess on my end although I didn’t necessarily kill anyone I’m still guilty by association in the action so therefore take full responsibility.
  2. Liwanu POV: A normal patrol set out to gather supplies an speak with fellow members of society to see if we could bring them back for a better life of liberation an civilization within our walls. We were walking on a heavily traveled highway within the country of Livonia headed southbound toward Gieraltow when we spotted a slow moving vehicle coming down the road like any Security team would we set up a 360 me on the six of our fire team I see the vehicle coming down the road so we take position Lancet gets prepped to shout at the moving technical . Our plan was not to just start gunning at the people inside the ADA that isn’t normally how we roll . We found the fact these people tried to speed off (avoiding confrontation) which was fair in our minds no one wants to stop for random people especially when they look corporation due to the fact that people auto assume we are going to ruin their RP which usually isn’t the case our internal RP is usually better than any RP I come across roaming the world. We definitely wouldn’t have tried to kill the people in the ADA had they stopped I see no rule breaks here everything was done proper i think the people who filed the report were under the impression we were trying to KOS or something silly which is never the case we arent out here to ruin people’s immersion and RP since the server wouldn’t be worth joining if there wasn’t the incentive personally I wouldn’t have joined Corp if everyone wasn’t as like minded in the whole aspect of creating the most immersive RP experience for this server an game. We would have spoke with said group in said technical had they stopped clearly they did not have any intention of this had they heard Lancet or not Lancet let’s them know they should stop the vehicle he makes a proper initiation once he comes to the realization that they would not be stopping for us. I believe they were scared of losing what they had which fair enough but odds are we weren’t taking anything just looking for RP to immerse ourselves although the shooting was quite immersive so thanks for not stopping I guess. Either way this is no one on our ends fault if anything I’d blame the driver of the vehicle for not stopping as well as the ear plugs an the fact that cars are quite loud, these are merely excuses for the people in the vehicle . They very well could have stopped and complied and did not this is not our fault considering how are we suppose to know if they have ear plugs in .
  3. I "Liwanu Langundo" agree that while I am playing in the Potius Cras group CP, I waive my right to report anyone for KOS or attempted KOS on me under any circumstances. All kills on my character will be valid so long as my character is in the Potius Cras CP no matter how the character death came about. So long as I am playing a Potius Cras character that is working for / with the organization, or my forum name is on the group CP on the forums, I waive my right to report any KOS or attempted KOS on my character.
  4. Salt report? haha im not worried ab gear literally every time we got robbed we were just glad we got to build sorry gentlemen if we wasted your time. we were personally curious as to why our locks were stripped an swapped with other locks being swapped out we were under the impression it was against the rules... we are all quite new to the server trying to create somewhat of a different experience for ourselves. anywho its nice meeting you gentlemen. an @itsnovaaa you dont know my forum nambe but weve chatted before. just bc you came by acted cool then when we all got back on an our items were missing idk man but its no worries. no hard feelings. sorry for the confusion you gentlemen have a good one.
  5. Server and location: DayZ RP Chernarus; Zabolotye Approximate time(s) and date(s) of the incident: Ingame name: Liwanu Langundo Name of allies involved: Dean Crains, John Wilkinson, Travis Bolgard Name of suspect(s): N/A Friendly/ Enemy vehicles involved: We had about 4/5 cars / trucks they all have been stolen. Additional evidence : N/A For the past couple days myself and a group of gentlemen have been working day in and day out to bring the people who visit our fine establishment a proper RP experience. We gather supplies all day and every time we go to sleep our bases locks are broken all eight locks are off and all of the supplies the raiders dont want are left over and the items they take are within their inventories / vehicles . They steal our storage, our cars, an break our locks an put their locks on and drop all of our gear on the ground. Our people want to RP an the person / people who do this, do it when we log off. I have reason to believe they watch our accounts on the dayzrp website an wait until we log off because this happens regularly.it happened two nights ago when i got off around 4 am est an same with last night leading into this morning. If there is nothing that can be done that's fine but we just want people to know that just because you are raiding a base and get caught doesn't mean you can't RP the situation and keep your life in the end. We aren't bad or good we are neutral and we want to create a proper RP experience because we know how it can be trying to find the right people to group with we happened to get lucky and we are founding ourselves on trust and loyalty. we want good RP to swing by not just a trolled out measly death bc we have something you dont we are more than willing to help others find the things they desire if you want a heavy weapon we will trade good guns for nails ammo and what have you. we want to immerse ourselves in our fellow community. We cant create the proper experience if every time we log in all of our items we farmed for the morning before are gone. Despite all of this so far all interactions have been proper an we are grateful for all encounters that lead to some proper RP.
  6. yea dude im sorry ab that i only had a damaged FX an some guy the other day tried to KOS me so i aint gonna lie i got spooked bc you were shooting right next to me. i deserve the ban on this one. Sorry ab that one guy entirely my fault. @Helix dude i personally want to say im sorry for that i misread the rules an i had a guy try to KOS me the other day so i just thought that was a thing im really sorry i am going to go back an reread hope there is no hard feelings i will take my ban.
  8. WHAAAAAT !? With all do respect go ahead ban me but where is the video proof i logged bc i stay on no matter what. today some guy shot me 4 times an didnt even come an talk to me an i still lived i didnt log i dont do that . an video proof aint a thing bc my pc cant record so if i have to wait out this ban im gonna be disappointed but ig that is what i get for not being able to record. ik i didnt log in not one scenario i would take my death like a champ that guy who was shooting at me for whatever reason was terrible its not my fault he couldnt find me i was watcxhing him the entire time he is lucky i didnt have 308 for my m70. he ran from me to gain distance an still couldnt kill me. i wish i had a recording software to make him look like a fool rn. sorry im a lil upset i am getting banned bc a guy thinks i logged bc he couldnt kill me . no i didnt log i watched you for ab 10 min till i had regained my health an then i went to go get 308 ig you logged after that bc i couldnt see him at his base. i can not believe im fuckin banned rn for this shit man. this guys a fuckin pussy shoots me in the back as im watching him walk past me . just bc i didnt introduce myself he shoots me now hes sayin i logged after . hes buggin. check the logs or something the only time my health went down to red today was from that asshole shoooting me in the back i took cover he ran from me to gain distance bc i had a shotgun. i wanted to take this out in rp but hes a bum an filed a report. thank yall for yer time sorry its being wasted on this fuckin idiot ask him if he has video evidence of the situation. bc i bet if you zoom in you can literally see my gun barrel poking over a hay stack sorry if i seem angry this is frustrating bc ik i been playing fair i aint petty like that if he killed me he killed me but i took 4 shots from his KAR 98K i rlly wanna get back to building. do yall know how long this is ab to take i dont need my base getting raided over this. maaan i didnt even have nothing i care ab on me if i would have died it would have been whatever i had no reason to log out. plus even if i had shit i like loggin out aint what makes the game fun i dont mind starting over. on ps4 all i did was create new characters to run up the map just to loot i do not log out in combat scenarios i do not think i should be banned until we see this guys "evidence" bc i guarantee all he has is him running away from me. then he shoots at me an lost me behind a hay stack an now im banned. i get yall are human too an all an yall gotta look at all the evidence but i dont think i should be banned just bc this guy tells yall i "combat logged". which is definitely something i didnt even almost consider doing. ive spent dayz of my irl time on this server i love rp an ive died to the most bs i aint afraid of dying its just a learning experience for the next life. i definitely did not log out i probably actually logged out after ab 2 hrs after this all happened around 3 or 4 for the first time all day since i woke up at 10 or so. cant yall check the logs to see when i logged out? bc it wasnt anywhere near whatever time that last shot hit me. yo wait whaat arent the first logs my log in an log out?
  9. Before the apocalypse Liwanu was apart of a PMC placed in cherno to hold off enemy forces from killing american prime minister. He had held off many Russian soldiers before waking up with no recollection of what had happened why he was on the shore an there was no one to explain what had happened all he knew he was in the middle of no where waking up on the shore with not a thing. Liwanu once grew weed for the CIA to be able to fund his group they distributed marijuana to all but most of the world and his PMC was known prominently across the seven seas.
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