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  1. Just to point out, if i shot at the car, where is the counter-report for my alleged lack of initiation as a passive character? If you're going to use that as reasoning id like to see the proper channels be used.
  2. Server and location: Livonia, unknown location. South of Tarnow. Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2020-03-31 05:30 Your in game name: Henryk Babiuch Names of allies involved: Tomek Kaminski (Bieger19) Name of suspect/s: Hector (Cartel Group) and 5 other people Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): A blue sedan and a green car. Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Hector (Yakm0uths) was streaming during this event (Post-event, im currently watching the stream: Incident starts at 2:06:10 when he drives past us. Detailed description of the events: Tomek and I were walking through a field, a car drove by and brought a long strand of infected. We shot at the infected. After we killed all the infected, we looted the small area. The guy in the car drove back and asked why we shot at him, we told him "we were just shooting the zombies". We had a pretty long pleasant conversation, then within 5 seconds Hector decides to say "PUT YOUR HANDS UP YOU HAVE 3 SECONDS 3.2.1" then shoots both of us. Within this time he can clearly see us cycling through various emotes because we pressed the wrong keys (albeit in a very short unrealistic given period of time (i mean shorter than the period of time it takes to perform the animation in my opinion)) He shot both of us quickly. !!!!!EDIT: After watching the video once it turned public, you can hear Hector acknowledging we were shooting the dead, then his friend says "no no, go back, ill kill them" and at 2:13:25 when he shoots us his friend even admits "NO HE TRIED TO DO IT" (referring to putting my hands in the air)
  3. @Rover pretty sure we left the area, I have a wife and child and I'm 99.99% sure I just got off to take care of my child so my wife could shower. But we were gone from the area after we already killed everyone.
  4. @Rederaz Hey bud, yeah so up to this point it was a real clean raid. We asked the group to put away weapons, a weapon was pulled out. I began to fire, then other members of the group opened up their rifles as well, subjecting them to be shot as well. After 3 of them were dead, we proceeded to RP with Dr. Red (A.k.a you) Initially I grabbed human meat, then realized that there are negative effects of feeding someone human meat, let alone raw human meat, so i put it away and grabbed fat, knowing that there's no sickness or 'kuru' that can be caused by raw fat. I don't have much to say, the way I read the rules it doesnt seem to apply to hostile situations, as i know hostages are suppose to do any action requested of them while in bondage, except RapeRP which is aborrent. Otherwise i'm not sure if the rule in question applies to a hostility. But if that rule applies in this exact situation, i apologize for devaluing your RP experience.
  5. I'd like to add, I mixed up the two posts moderately, the post you quoted, we hack sawed the lock in that raid. In the pub, we broke the wall to get in.
  6. @Ryan Beck @Grifff @Sloose_1up I reckon that's all of them. This might just be an addon seeing as I don't actually remember what Items were left, but I recall telling some of the guys to grab a plate carrier and some other items from the ground but they may not have grabbed them, this could be entirely irrelevant because they could have grabbed it. I'm not sure, but it's more information nonetheless.
  7. Hey partner, I'm not sure what the etiquette on these posts are but if you recall correctly, this incident ended in actual RP. I forget who was all involved in this situation, but there were quite a few of us. A 'secret' group of radical prohibitionists who were tipped off about a pub that was being built in that tower. We use Hesco now to see if anything in the base is worth raiding, we placed two hesco kits to be "realistic" because floating hesco is obviously not realism. we saw your lockers, and subsequently hacksawed the lock. We rummaged through the locker and found all your glass bottles and verified that this was the pub we were looking for. I appreciate you trying to point out exploitation of game mechanics because that devalues the game experience for everyone, however we align ourselves with the rules. As for the 'wreckage' of the pub, this was entirely within our scope of RP and was not pointless damage, I do apologize for the unpleasant RP however, but, we did try everything within our power to engage with you after as well, we returned to the pub and robbed you after the incident. Granted we did not purposefully despawn any items, we actually tried our best to take as much as we could and leave very few items of any worth. This incident was a little bit ago and we do quite a bit of raiding so i cant remember every specific, like whether we stole your locker or not, feel free to let me know if im missing any details.
  8. Hey Zach, I apologize for the inconvenience here, unfortunatley the hesco is not how we entered the base, we hacksawed the lock. I'll give you a full transcript of the event as thoroughly as i can. I, and some members of my group, Ben Hawk, Ajax, and Ryan Beck we're driving around with a hostage in our car. As we drove we saw watchtowers built on a location we haven't seen before. We drove in quickly and went building to building asking if anyone was home. I saw the white barn on the left and said we should break into that one with a hacksaw, when one of the members (not sure who) said that we should go for the brown one, because that's where he put loot. I believe I only had one hacksaw on me at the time so we wanted to see which building had the loot. I had never had much experience with hesco kits, seeing as i dont really use them. I meant to place it on the ground so i could stand on it and look into the barn possibly and see which one was worth raiding. On my screen the placement 'hotspot' was on the ground, but when i finished throwing it down it was higher. I believe we had a shovel with us, i cant remember 100%, but we tried to use various tools on the hesco kit to remove it and couldnt figure it out. But after all those events, we just used a hacksaw to get into the base. The next day we came back to see if we could remove it to avoid this situation, because we were concerned you might think we purposefully griefed your base, do find you already removed it or it was removed somehow. And then, on that second visit i do believe it was you that showed up and had a firefight with my group members. i apologize if I forgot any further details, if more information is needed please ask.
  9. Mod name: Code Lock Steam workshop link: https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=1646187754 Reason to be added: This would streamline the access of bases, without minimizing the ability for someone to saw through a lock. This easy-to-use code lock allows using combination locks much easier, although both will still exist. It's a very well balanced mod tastefully geared towards convenience and fun RP.
  10. thanks for ya'lls replies, ive been whitelisted for a day or so
  11. Just joined the community and just waiting for whitelist. Look forward to running into ya'll.
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