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  1. Zach Trotter, a young 22 year old Army veteran, lost his entire family during the initial outbreak of the zombies. Zach was on active duty fighting zombie hordes and was unable to travel home to protect his family when the outbreak occurred. Once his base was overrun by the hordes of zombies in Texas he managed to escape through the desert outside of El Paso, Texas. Zach escaped with two friends that he served with but after a major fight that resulted in conflicting views of which direction they should travel outside of Santa Fe, New Mexico, Zach decided to split away from his friends with what food and water carry on his back. Zach headed east in hopes of reaching the East Coast and finding a travel service that could take him somewhere away from the United States, he thought there was way to many people in the U.S. who would survive the apocalypse due to the mass amount of firearms in the U.S. and eventually an "Old west" mindset would set in, involving bandits, looters, and the exploitation of "weaker" people for the selfish to thrive. Once Zach reached the east coast he found a post apocalyptic ferry service. The ferry service was operated by a man that went by the name of "Larry Lazio" after an extensive conversation about where Zach came from and his background, Larry offered Zach a deal. If Zach was willing to surrender his Military body armor and his government issued M4 Carbine with an ACOG sight then Larry would happily inform his crew that Zach would be on the next transport across the Atlantic to France. Larry was running these Ferry's back and forth every few months and Zach made it just in time to catch the next ship. Once in France Zach was without Armor, or a weapon, He scavenged his way across Europe with a Kitchen knife, a Canteen, and an improvised backpack (He made it out of some sticks and a burlap sack). Zach wasn't too fond of cities so he stuck to the countryside while traveling east. He met a lot of survivors in Eastern Europe and he would bargain and trade items he found along his way in return for warm meals and a nice bed to sleep in. Zach's ultimate goal was to locate the Chernarus area hopefully before fall, and definitely before winter. Zach was seeking Chernarus because he had heard tales of this area from other survivors and their tales always involved old military bases, and a whole lot of country side. Zach hopes to find friendly people on his adventure through Chernarus and has considered starting his own community. Zach has extensive knowledge on different weapons systems and loves to go shooting and engages in target practice on a regular basis. He does his target practicing in forests always searching the surrounding area first just to make sure there are no other survivors who he might spook with his gun shots and only target practices when he has an abundance of ammo that way he is never running low. When searching the area he is going to target practice he is careful to make sure no zombies are in the area who may possibly be drawn towards his gunfire. Forests are a great area to target practice as there is not an abundance of zombies there, and all the trees can disrupt the noise of his firearms so he can't be heard from longer distances. His mother taught him how to grow fruits and vegetables when he was a young boy and was often helping his mother in the garden, he hopes this is a valuable trait to a group of people that way he is never a weak link and always has something he can provide to a group when he finally meets one he wants to settle down with.
  2. Thank you all, hopefully I'll be able to jump in and meet some of you today!
  3. Hello ladies and gents! I'll be the newest newbie if my stuff is accepted! Haven't played DayZ consistently since about 2015, excited to join the community and play this amazing game again. Hope to see you IG and have some great RP experiences with you all!
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