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  1. Is there a discord link m
  2. My character name is Christopher reed Chris is an 27 year old ex con who moved to Chenaraus to change his life. Life in America for Chris was rough his mother had cancer and needed 10,000$ in hospital bills so Chris had to go out and rob and steal to get the money he knew it wasn’t right but he was doing it for his mom so to him it was for a good cause. One everything finally caught up with him and he was arrested during a robber it lead to him doing 8 years in prison where he met a Muslim friend name mike who told him about his religion and Chris changed him self for the better once he was released from prison Chris had it rough couldn’t get a job to save his life Chris told him self he will never go back to his old ways so he moved abroad to a place called chernarus and that’s when the apocalypse happened people getting sick left and right people diein then one day those dead body’s rose up and started walking again attacking people eating them now Chris must take on a new challenge survival
  3. Battleye admin kick says no active character how I fix that
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