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  1. I figured it was, and yeah same I made jaren to get used to the server and that was it but he got sucked into a ton of shit but his story is coming to an end soon.
  2. lol we are nomadic and only have the rifles we carry but ok?
  3. Thanks once i get my pc up and running again i plan on doing more.
  4. You could keep the information ooc then figure it out ic plan around them still being there and plan routes maybe for more supplies if you plan on going down that way, it is about separating ooc and ic information we all do it. Just was proud we dodged patrols to do this and wanted to let people know who did it. If it bothers you so much then well disregard the ooc information its not that hard.
  5. The walls have been ripped down by me and the boys enjoy free water once again, we shall rip down these walls anytime we notice them back up as well.
  6. @MasonWB Jonny Luke from green mountain and @Vandire and his boys that i do not know the forum names of along with @About400Crows had a wonderful time roleplaying and just shooting the shit tonight at green mountain. Hell you even got me to sing and thats something i dont do have a wonderful day just figured I would say something here to give you all the acknowledgement you deserve.
  7. @miss_natcula had a blast roleplaying, ignore the idiots in our base tho lol they are the comedic releaf.
  8. Not a problem did not think that if I went rouge from the Corp it would create a fallowing and bring back some very old PC's. I cannot wait to see where this goes.
  9. To quote Roland for you incase you missed what he said, "This is no different from people building their base with a well inside it. I don't see anything wrong here, securing an important resource for their community. Gary already talked to Roland about this in the past and made sure it was ok and fine. People should learn to adapt. As for the whole guarding thing not much to guard when people will just KOS us without any roleplay, so it is easier and smarter to patrol the areas.
  10. if the loot spawn wasnt so messed up for nails and building items and if our nails hadnt been wiped when the tents got deleted without any sort of heads up. So it will take a while for us to get them built up to be actual check points and shit.
  11. For once I find myself agreeing with @Ryan Shepherd more than I personally ever had. Getting onto the point for the old anarchy base on the water just popping up (place was unable to be raided unless it was a offline raid, if you tried a online raid it was a death sentence.) Now getting onto what wolf pack has built i have not gotten eyes on this place but if he did describe it correctly and I assume he did because well he is a brutally honest guy. Then i see no point in why it is slapped down next to Tisy (a tier 4 loot spawn area.). Seems like placement was to make it easier to get higher tier loot and hold onto it and to hide this they say it is for roleplay. I also agree with how @APositiveElmo says bases used to be (from the time i was not here.) but this sounds like a better idea and more lore friendly and less immersion breaking than the system is now. A prefab settlement should be used for 1: server performance (this makes sense, but this base still causes server issues for myself when its trying to render it all in with everything else around it. I dont have the stutter issue even when cherno is rendering in and full of zeds.) 2: To promote roleplay in a area not gear hoarding (this is my personal thought, tho having a house or few buildings to store stuff is just fine. But a massive place ment to hide tons of stuff inside and made to the point its nearly impossible to attack without offline attacking is dumb.). I guess what im getting at is that we should do it how it used to be done how Elmo stated it used to be.
  12. Do you or anyone have proof she was double micing? i can pull more video if need be from shadow play instead of just two five minute clips, but I had been talking with her and close enough to hear whispering almost the entire time. Still did not hear anything from her, I get shit happens but I am just saying what I saw and heard. Tho getting the full video will take a long time due to upload speeds I have in my area, I am willing to upload the whole night and mornings play time start to finish. Nevermind the clips are all I have due to a memory issue, i can attempt to salvage as much of my video as i can tho i will be passing out soon. Tho in both clips posted you can see she did not double mic at all if she had been working with them I would like this to be explained as they had somehow known we were heading to Rugovo after the first firefight.
  13. My in game name: Jaren Ward Friends involved: @silvermoongaming @Mr Wolf @Liwanu @Elijah Johnson Ememies involved: Shroud (He had a orange arm band on his body, he was in stary.), Vultures were in Rugovo. Additional evidence: Video will be posted when it is done publishing. Video 2- The Stary incident Video 1- walk to Rugovo and the incident at Rugovo Detailed description: We met @silvermoongaming in Kab and she asked us after some rp to go to Stary to drop off a package at the bar in town and then we head up to the medical center where @Elijah Johnson had ran into someone outside of stary. I ask how we will proceed with the interaction and we decide to simply have a good talk with him and see what he needs and so on. @Elijah Johnson tells us he is going to stary as well and that he will carry on his own way before going to bed. He asks for food after some light roleplay and we give him a can of sardines, after we start to leave and are id say roughly 60-70 meters we get fired upon without no initiation. I get shot in the back once, @Mr Wolf gets shot as well, @silvermoongaming dives to the ground to avoid being shot. After some bad aim luckly from the attempted killer @Liwanu finishes him with a single head shot. We loot his body then head out of town to a tree line and I ask if @silvermoongaming and @Elijah Johnson wish to make a report for attempted KOS @silvermoongaming says she wishes not to but @Elijah Johnson decided to. This was clear NVFL (4 people infront of him and the 5th was 200 meters away watching the whole time.) and attempted KOS on a person who was not apart of potius cras as well as failure to initiate on a non KOS able party and could have caused her death as well. We then get into Rugovo after a while and head to the fountain when all of us are fired upon from snipers again without initiation and all die apart from @silvermoongaming who informed me she had ran off and made it away safely. I took a sniper round to the head and was the first to die so I do not have much of a POV to provide to this part. 4 of us from potius die (this is not KOS) 1 dynamic runner died (should be kos) and another 1 dynamic got away alive (attempted kos) as well as failure to initiate on both dynamic people we had met and ran with today. (to make this clear i am not posting my pov here to say that i want them punished for kosing or attempting to kos me.)
  14. daemonium

    corpo 2.jpg

    Like i have stated before, I do not claim to have made any of the art posted and post it as is when found simply through normal google. If it is not linked to a site like pintrest or something i can find the artist name then i simply leave it blank and only change the name of the file so it is not a bunch of numbers.
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