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    Dayz Hunting

  2. Adam was born in Alaska and grew up on hunting. He was taught by his father and he mainly hunted musk ox's and moose. Moose meat his his favorite meat but any type will keep him satisfied. He mostly hunts with rifles but he has done his fair share of bow hunting. He was on a hunting trip with his brother in Chernarous when the out break happened. He was able to survive peacefully for months in the woods but unfortunately his brother got infected and he had to put him down. Now he is focused on hunting to keep his mind off things and also gives food to those in need. If their was away to get out of this place, he would go to any length to do so.
  3. I am a male who is named AJ and he is 23 years old. He joined the military as soon as he got out of high school. After being discharged from the military he went to go on vacation. He got on his plane and after hours in the plane it started to shake and people started to scream. His plane crashed. Later he found out he crashed in Chernarus. This is unfamiliar land for him but the military training came in handy. He was able to set up a temporary base until it got raided by some crazy beings which he learned later that they were infected. He had no food but then ran into a another survivor who gave him some canned peaches. The stranger didn't stay long and he was left on his own. He wants to get back home but he knows that this may never happen but any hope of him going back home is something worth investigating. He soon learned not to trust people as he saw a person taken hostage and then murdered for trying to run away. He now knows that this place is very dangerous and surviving it with put his military training to the test.
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