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  1. I too would like to learn "player vs player" combat! That would be awesome!!!!
  2. You uncon me in that video
  3. I don't think they said they are. People are just posting their goodbyes since the groups gonna go in a few days anyways.
  4. People could ROLEPLAY in ruined clothes to show off their raggedy characters in the new map +1 them rats
  5. looks cool, see you in a week
  6. because they carrying the rest of the group
  7. download.jpg.a3090b9128c43cb815faa85c1efe4851.jpg

    1. Final Krullix

      Final Krullix

      Monkey Chores GIF

  8. Are the majority of players from Europe? I've always thought North America was the majority as the server population is usually peaking during North American prime time hours.
  9. Nice work @Empress But when will the rest of the custom T-shirts be added to the item shop? I believe they were going to added a while ago.
  10. Has any group ever been up for a year straight without archiving? It will be a pretty impressive accomplishment, keep going boys.
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