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  1. Especially since a lot of people use DZSA to launch DayZ and it shows all server populations right next to the join button.
  2. Yes please. We need more gun variety.
  3. I'm all for more variety. New types of jackets, shirts, boots, etc. If it can be done I don't see why not.
  4. if you take one it would be a nice gesture to give beans enjoy
  5. Looks great, good luck!
  6. I think a better variety of cars is good for RP. +1
  7. @Blisna i'll just make a different thread no problem
  8. Here are a few anyone can have. I don't want to make a whole post just for these if that's okay with you @Blisna
  9. PRE-OUTBREAK: Colt grew up in small-town Spur, Texas with a population of about one thousand. As a young boy, Colt lived with his two parents, Mary and Jack Taylor. Colt comes from a long bloodline of old, wild west outlaws called Cowboys. His father named him after the gunslingers popular choice of weapon, the colt and would always show him old western movies growing up. Colt's favorites were the Young Gun's series featuring Billy the Kid. Nowadays outlaws like that aren't really around anymore. They aren't needed, nor wanted. Colt decided instead he wanted to protect his town as a deputy sheriff. He began the process of recruitment and became an official deputy at the age of nineteen. He served for eighteen years until deciding he wanted to retire in 2020. Colt saved enough money to afford a home for himself, but before settling down he wanted to experience what other parts the world has to offer. He traveled most of Europe, including Ireland, France, Germany, Sweden and Estonia. His plan after was to travel through Russia, China, and India before returning back home. In early 2020, he arrived in Chernarus, small country east of the black sea. He was supposed to stay there for only a week or two, but word about a familiar frenzied flu began to travel fast. Colt didn't want to continue his travel into Asia, so he decided he will stay in Chernarus while he tries to figure out how to get back to the United States safely. It had been almost a month and half and he still hadn't a way to get back. Unfortunately, on March 4th, quarantine had effectively begun and Colt was not allowed to leave. He was now quarantined until the virus would be taken under control. Colt must try to figure out how to get along with the natives and common foreigners he meets if he wants to survive in the unfamiliar territory.
  10. draw me like one of your french girls
  11. Colt

    DayZRP 20.7.1

    I didn't know that you'd be able to just select what beard length you want. That's amazing.
  12. @Phelps69 Berezino
  13. A. You ARE allowed to have weapons. RAC might take "contraband" aka fully automatics but you can still have any hunting rifle/low cal. semi auto. Or just hide the gun in your backpack like everyone else. B. I've seen many American characters who own cars. You probably just got unlucky or are in a bad area. C. Never heard of this happening. If someone keeps taking all your food because you are "stealing" then it's just bad RP and probably against the rules because they can't force your character to die from starvation. In my opinion it seems you're hanging out in the wrong areas or are just exaggerating. Maybe try to head towards Berezino, i've met a lot of American characters who are doing just fine.
  14. I play as a Mexican character and haven't had much discrimination if any at all. Most of the time the characters I see get discriminated are the ignorant white people. Maybe try to earn the respect of the chernarussian and things will change?
  15. i keep coming back just to listen to your profile music

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