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  1. Might as well wait until the upcoming DayZ update, since it will probably break the server anyways.
  2. Colt


    my cock is far too superior to fight yours
  3. If I bought platinum could I just be given MVP lol
  4. Colt


    yo is that @ImChips
  5. Pretty sure the spawns for them are really rare now. But since there hasn't been a server wipe it's going to take some time to really notice the change.
  6. Colt


    wish i could've been there
  7. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: I replied to the post stating "I'd rather watch people ramp cars then worry about gun immersion. My opinion I guess." Meaning there are bigger immersion breaking things I feel people would worry about than guns. This was simply my opinion and should be considered constructive to the post since it gives an example of something that could be immersion breaking and that in my opinion western guns are not. I also want to bring up Jackfish's post. He states, "People not PKing is ruining my immersion, not wea
  8. Greetings roleplayer dapplin15, My last post was deemed unnecessary, therefore I thought I would make another more constructive post. To answer your question, "Do western weapons kill immersion?" I personally believe they do not. I think it makes perfect since there would be western weapons/gear in Chernarus after seeing Kalyri's post and re-reading the DayZRP server's current lore. To add to my last post, which is no longer available to be read, I stated "I'd rather watch people ramp cars then worry about gun immersion. My opinion I guess." I said this because instead of focusing on som
  9. I wonder if you can sell the item shop NBC clothing to the traders, or if it's somehow disabled. If not, they are worth 300 each. So you could sell the outfit for 1500 every 12 hours. If this is the case, and selling item shop NBC gear to traders can't be disabled, then I believe they should be removed. Update: I've been told you cannot sell the item shop NBC gear.
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