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  1. What a great guide to contribute to my future roleplaying experience!!
  2. The weapon spawns are fine, I think simply increasing 5.56 ammo spawns would increase the use of the 5.56 guns. One of the only reasons I use an AKM over M4 is because the ammo is way more common, not the gun.
  3. some of the best group page graphics I've seen so far, nice work!!
  4. nice work @Kerkkoh
  5. nice group page i'm happy to see Tom War aka @judge in the group as well! he is a great roleplayer!!
  6. ImGreen

    1. ImChips


      teal actually : \

    2. ImCharcoal


      First step to global domination


      Now give me god mode


  7. I, ImColt hereby agree to follow the DayZRP Staff Agreement Version 5 in its current form.
  8. i can retexture the entire rainbow on plate carriers if yall wanted
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