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  1. Imo, as someone who actually knows about survivalism, stockpiling is how you survive. Want to survive the winter? Stockpile food. Want to have enough bullets to survive a zombie invasion? Stockpile bullets. Just as well, Offline raiding is a blatant abuse of game mechanics for gain. Isnt that frowned upon in the same way as ghosting and combat logging? Theft is natural, but the assumption should be that offline players are HOME rather than that offline players are out in the world, right? so explain to me please why stealing from people while they are offline is not similar to Ghosting, Combat logging and the like? I would be fine if the rule was "If you see players leave their base, you know they are on, feel free to raid." it also spawns RP in a real way, where theres the chance to be caught or to have actual RP happen.. thats nothing but positive for the server right? And inversely, isnt it bad for the server to punish people who have longer offline times due to say a job? Edit addition: I just am confused and want to know the real logical reasoning aside from "GIT GUUD" equivalent things or people saying for me to not do something that any smart character would do.
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