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  1. my character is Lucifer von he is born on 9/25/1984 and raised in Boston. throughout life, he was always given the short end of the stick and was tired of the standard in the states that was expected of him. the only talent he had was talking with his fists. when he was a boy he had very abusive parents a drunk father that couldn't hold a job and a mother that ran off with another man. he hated being in the states and decided to leave the states. He travels to Russia to start a new life. after a week of traveling the lands, he was jumped by some punks and an odd man in a suit watching in the shadows. Lucifer pumbled those punks and the man in the suit gave him a choice either join the Russia mafia of always be on the hunt by the mafia. lucifer joined them, he was given the task to be the bosses bodyguard that sold illegal weapons during the civil war in 2009. when the first week of the outbreak occurred him and his boss with few men were out for delivery to supply the Russians they came across the dead and civilians running ramped through the streets during the chaos his boss and crew were all infected with no choice he beat them all to death with whatever weapon he could find and now he wanders the lands to survive and search for a new crew.
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    Server and location: the damn north east zvir Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2019-09-27, 03:46 Your in game name: William Zack Hill Names of allies involved: franz polo Name of suspect/s: unknown Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): none Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): none Detailed description of the events: Me and butter blade were base building at our base when suddenly we heard the crack of a gun shot fly buy in our direction. out of panic we ducked be hind cover and were searching for where the shot came from. I used my kar with a 4x scope to search for said shooter. i hoped on to of a ledge of our base and used the rest for cover, when suddenly the second shot was fired and i was dropped dead.
  3. My charter’s name is Zack that is born in America as he grows through life he majors in philosophy. As a gift from his parents, he gets to go on a cruise with his father, stepmother, and both of his stepbrothers. The name of the ship he sailed on was the Costa Risacca. As one unsettling night, a storm brews and catches the ship off-guard. When the sound of whipping winds and the rock of the ship wake up him and his stepbrothers, he is curious to see what is brewing out on the deck. As he climbs the staircase hes thrown left and right. He mages to get to the top deck and is blinded by the harsh winds and rain. When all of a sudden the ship crashes into a formation of jagged rocks he is flung off the ship and knocked unconscious. He drifts throw the sea and is being held up on a piece of debris from the ship. He is washed ashore in Chernarus. As he gains consciousness his primary goal is to search for his lost family. He's not aware of the outbreak that has happen and is troubled by the loss of his family. He is always happy to meet any survivors and will always give a helping hand to people in need.
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