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  1. Well I just feel like people are just following looting my stuff now. go figure getting robbed again while I'm offline but let me be the bad guy and wanna not have my character starve to death by saving a few candy of food and some bullets...
  2. I would agree with you if there was any Rp to be had. I travel the roads alot. I dont hold up in alittle base. The most Rp in this week or so I have had was giving someone food and saving a person from zombies. It's fine though I got a good fix for it.
  3. I mean, gates locked boxes they had more to deal with then a tent
  4. You know it is good progression because you turn a good man Into bandit real quick like that
  5. The thing is more it's a roleplay server so you want to to be the focus, you do this whitelist so people understand this. You want your stuff do what someone else did and go drag yourself in the mud and go do what we all spent time doing and scavenge and socialize. Sure it's a game but look in this post at all the people support the idea of taking things without roleplay on a roleplay server. so I have to spend more time not roleplaying to go grind again. It's okay I'll just do what you guys do and start doing the same
  6. Nah I got you. You see there comes a time in a man's life when he has his kindness spit on and rubbed Into the dirt one too many time. You start to see alittle spark in thier eyes like something just clicked. You know a man doesnt have to be kind, a man doesnt have to try to make the world a better place. You see when that man breaks and decides that trust isnt something he can give away anymore then there it is. That's how your pockets start going dry. Imma fix this up real good now.
  7. Alright, I have seen a good example of how this community operates then. It's not a real good taste that I leaves in your mouth. I cant imagine I'm going to spend alot of time here In my opinion. Like it's a game to Rp on the side on anyway but this kind of stuff is what is gunna push me away fast.
  8. "At higher risk if you carry high grade military gear" sounds like some gear Rp to me I guess it's wrong to have an Rp hub/trading place. Rip the dream of actually having legit Rp instead of the whole. "Oh you saved me from zombies." 5 second Rp. Wander around, "Oh hey." Person walks off it ignoring your character Rp. I guess imma stay in the wrong here rught?
  9. To put it in a more educated manner of survival speak though. Everyone running 5.56 can toss a mag to someone when they run low, you collect 3 ammo types and dont have to work about picking everything up. Have your bulk stocks so you can work and go. I think it's just alittle dumb you gotta roleplay it captures and killing but you walk up and pick and cut all our locks and not have to roleplay it with the owners. Not even a hey we did this post.
  10. Well like I said I could understand some Rp robbing a house but is that just a thing? You can guilt free offline steal all of someone's things? Like having everyone run around with the same ammo type helps but then you take all that ammo and leave them high and dry? Bud that's a bit much for me right now. But to answer we all have 5.56 weapons.
  11. Who steals 700 rounds of 5.56 and a bunch of saline from someone? 25 cans of food? 9 bags of chips? Vodka? Man legit just got robbed blind last night and I had a lock on everything. I can understand if I had someone Rp Into my house but like overnight theft when all 5 of us got off?
  12. Fun times, when we see hoard we blink no hoard.
  13. Service Member Profile: Yuri Darmachev, Капрал (Corporal) Branch of service: Ukrainian ground forces Primary duty station: Crimea After Action Report as follows: During the events leading up to the Chernarus, Yuri Darmachev was a partisan fighter who had joined up with the Irregular military in the aftermath of the Revolution in Kiev that had sparked the recent tensions with the Russian government. As conflict had seemed the only answer and the conflict escalated to the point of armed conflict it was certain that the news coverage of the conflict was sure to overshadow other small anything happening on border countries with Russia such as Chernarus and their civil war. The conflict having gone on for 4 years at this point would draw most of NATO's attention into deescalating the tension in the region. Low on supplies and even lower on moral, The Ukrainian ground forces had sought out places that may actually be able to lend Military or even medical supplies to the battered troops on the front. Reports came in that the Ukrainian forces had been met by Chernarussian Forces who seemed hell bent on turning people back. Seeing as how the Ukrainian Government would have a mutual interest in the Chernarussian conflict with Russia it was easy for the President Petro Poroshenko to talk his way into a trade deal with the Josef Prizak. Crossing over the border thier unit was drafted into the country's service briefly to help with the evacuations of civilian assets. While the country was set to keep people from coming in few managed to get through on supply runs and things of the sort. Yuri's unit he was attached to spent a few weeks in all the chaos before eventually he found himself separated from the others. Hopping from town to town trying to get back to the border he found himself in an outbreak situation. Unsure of what precautions the government was taking everything starts to slowly die off as lights and power seemed to flicker off and the government fell quiet. He was on his own in this foreign land. //: The paper seemed to be torn there :// Yuri stuffed the paper in his pocket and would continue to talk to his friends that he made on the road. "That's what the official papers say at least, When the bombs started to fall and all heal broke loose it was hard to keep things on paper anymore." -Looking out at the three of them.- "Since there isn't much of a Ukraine to go back to... The best I can do anymore is make sure the guy next to me doesn't bite the bullet. I spent the better part of months wading through another country's shit just to make sure I could eat at night... Fighting for a free Ukraine that did not have to worry about a big brother telling them how to pray at night... I feel like everything I have done over the past bit has been for nothing." -The Ukrainian man looked a little worse for wear but kept up with his new military standards as to keep on his toes and not have to worry about being taken by surprise. He had little experience with the outbreak before and had been dealing mainly in evacuations. Finding himself on the road and among good friends now he was determined to just ride the storm out until something better came along. Still not too fond of the Russian government he understood it was necessary to possibly work with official military forces in the future to ensure their survival... The Bible says to love your neighbor and to not kill them... It gets a little fuzzy around knee caps.-
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