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  1. - User was cautioned for this post -
  2. and other suggestion @Johnny Navid @Ruan is to speak with the moderators about how people should approach to you guys (the group i mean) like a little hint on what to do because if this work is gonna be a important about the lore of the game and the server for the RP experience and also people will be cautiously optimistic to find you or be found and even create opportunities to people join to your group too.
  3. You can use hazard suit or radiation suit ( yellow ones) with gas masked and with torch at night and making weird noises with your mouths while breathing, and even you can use the PD stations to broadcast a imminent check on various town around chernarus and have at least 1 o 2 bodyguards.
  4. Well i get robbed today but it was a honest raid or i don't know how to say it but the thief took only the essencial it was only 1 pliers 2 hammers and a couple of nailes and i was stocked of everything i mean only with tools for my base, and a month and a half i met @Husky. group before forming the 503. but I dont complain , i am agree with @DerrickStorm about that many of the characters that were created are all ex military or former convicts and you are protecting the life of your character so that is why there are no many interactions with others people on the server even when from moments is 70/80 population active.
  5. Agree on almost everything just no on Air drops and Fast travel
  6. A nice fellow that know when he need to act and when not , charismatic one , kinda lonely , a good adviser , a father figure , very naive sometimes , hardworking , handy , sometimes he speak to him self , mechanic and almost a soldier by his grandfather , no much about his father , his is the younger one of the entire family , almost tried to commit suicide when his wife die when trying to give birth to an unborn child way before the outbreak , his lost two of his sisters and the others members of the family they are missing , he almost enter the military academic but refuse by follow his passion about cars and bikes on his very garage.
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