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  1. Thank you. I was accepted to join the DAYZRP family yesterday. Maybe see you around
  2. Wolly Wilson is was a construction worker who was working away from home when the outbreak happened. All that Wolly wants to do is get back to his family. if they are still alive. When the breakout happened he was working with his best friend Frank at the limber yard when he heard reports on the radio that there were attacks all over the place. people suddenly turning. Saying "yeah whatever mate, just another April fools" to the radio. As Frank hear Wolly saying this then he tuned to look at Wolly, He had turned. Wolly didn't know this until Frank ran at Wolly and attacked him. Wolly reached out to grab anything he could find to get Frank off him and what ended up in his hand was his trusty Axe. Wolly awkwardly swung the axe and hit Frank on the head, Instantly crushing his skull. Everything is now quiet apart from now static one the radio and Wollys heightened breathing. What is he going to do?
  3. Hello everyone, I don't know if i should be posting before i have been white listed but i just wanted to say 'Hi'. I hope that i will be accepted and that i can become a good member to the community. I never knew about role play servers before but always role played on official and some people went with the flow and others just didn't care. I am so glad that there is a community like this that i will be able to express my a way of playing Wish me luck please (-_-)
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