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  1. Bass

    Deer Isle

    Well ok then. That sucks. Does anyone know when the new map will be live?
  2. Bass

    Deer Isle

    So is Deer Isle gone forever?
  3. Bass


    So after the restart my character has been wiped? Logged in as a fresh spawn again. Losing a ton of gear............
  4. Bass

    Deer Isle

    Whats going on with Deer Isle keeps shutting down on me...... Cant find anything about maintenance.....
  5. Ok great! I will try this when i get home. Thank you for your help! Good luck out there
  6. Really loving this experience so far! But due to the low player count on Deer Isle i tried to go over to the other server, under the impression i could join it just the same but my gear and all wouldn't come over as well which is totally fine. I can't remember the error message it gave me but i only tried that one time. How do i go about joining the Chernarus server? I dont want to do anything wrong or that goes against the rules. Thank you!
  7. Bass


    Thank you I will try that as well once I’m home from work
  8. Bass


    I have figured out how to use “Insert” to change from placing something. But I can’t figure out how to put a plot down. Every time I try to put a plot down it just places my shovel on the ground.
  9. Bass

    New Map

    Thank you for letting me know. I really hope we are able to play the map at some point. Have a great day!1
  10. Bass

    New Map

    Im just wondering if we will get the new map on one of the DayzRP servers? I really hope so.
  11. Where exactly? NVM i see it. Thank you!
  12. So I am new here. Just got whitelisted. How to i get the password to join the servers?
  13. Team player, want to help in any situation as long as it’s not shady. Strong but has a soft side. Tormented by the tragic death of my wife and son, just two days after the outbreak. Just two days!! I shouldn’t have been on that hunt for so long but I couldn’t pass up a big kill opportunity. A deer..... for us. No..... for them. I would have been fine with the remaining rations. I got back to camp just as they were being carried off. I tried but there was nothing I could. Savages!!!! My wife would have wanted me to move on but I’m not sure if this is the best place to be falling in love. Been on my own for awhile now. I miss the fellowship of any TRUSTED group of people. But you never know with people now. Humanity has changed. It’s inevitable for some to have turned.....bad.
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