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  1. My character, Dan Morez is a retired USMC Corporal who decided that the civilian life wasn’t enough. He turned to Private Military Contracting to get back into the action that he missed. He became the tech specialist of his company. A contract came in from Chernarus, months had passed since the infection broke out. The contract was supposed to be nothing big, just an extraction of a VIP and a few civilians. Except the Evac never came. The VIP along with the civilians fled, Dan and his team of three had nothing but the gear in their packs and the gun in their hands. The team made the best of their dire situation, boarding up a house, trading with locals, selling their services as ex-military. Any communication they tried to get out of Chernarus failed, never a response, except for one night. Dan was on radio when he received a message to be from another team from the PMC. The orders were to get to Komarovo docks at 0300 where the team will be evacuated by boat. The team moved in the pitch black, no lights to give away their position. They cautiously approached the docks, guns up and ready to pull the trigger if need be. The team was surprised to see the PMC had send special forces for the recuse op. After some greetings between the groups, three deafening gunshots were heard. Dazed and confused by the close quarter gun fire, Dan looked around to see him team of three now on the cold concreate docks, dead. “You signed up for this, we couldn’t take the risk” were the last words Dan heard before a bullet pierced his chest. He felt water hitting his skin, he was being thrown into the sea. As the blood and water mixed Dan fell unconscious, only to be woken up on the beach hours later. As he stumbled to his feet, he realized his torso was bandaged. Thanking god that he was still alive, he started to walk with nothing but the clothes he had on. His goal was finding friendlies, hoping to find another group, one that won’t stab him in the back.
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