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  1. My name is Stepan, 29 years old. I was born in Myshkino. My parents had a small farm there... we were poor. I remember days when we really struggled, we were hungry. I always loved to draw and my parents managed to send me to Zelenogorsk to study at the Art School first and then College in Chernogorsk. For a while before the outbreak I was struggling to meet ends with my art, but just before the outbreak I got an invitation to have my first solo exhibition in Moskow. I remember I was in my studio preparing and working on my paintings when I heard the first news of the outbreak. At first I thought it was a mistake, then I heard the shooting in the streets. I had to run and I tried to reach my parents in Myshkino but I had to stop in Kamenka and from there it was surviving day by day... I'm a peaceful human being that will try to use diplomacy before using a gun. I still believe in the restoring of a civilization of some sort. After the initial phase of the outbreak I was surviving on my own, putting to practice what I have learned in my youth at our farm in Myshkino. I still hope that one day I might find my parents and my sister alive, I hope they are somewhere in the northwest. They know those woods really well and I believe that is where they went.
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