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  1. Jacob, a Welsh barman, was working in a tavern in Eastern Europe before the epidemic hit. Having worked in pubs and clubs in the UK, he got tired of the same old routine and decided to start a new adventure by moving to Romania to help his friend set up a new tavern. Things were going well; the business was taking off and Jacob felt like he'd finally found what he was looking for. Not one to read or watch the news, and content in his own bubble, Jacob was surprised when he saw dozens of military planes fly overhead, followed by a series of explosions in the distance. A few hours later and there was a sense of unease and worry among the staff of the tavern, as there were only regular customers in attendance. Lights flickered and cut out. A scream pierced the air and it was clear something was wrong. A panicked woman with torn clothing banged on the door and begged for shelter - she was injured and was desperately trying to explain something. A regular customer translated her words, “they were here, they are coming. Run while you can!” The customers took her at her words and immediately to their cars. Jacob jumped into a car with his co-worker and 2 customers. As they left the town, they saw rabid people chasing down and attacking others. Jacob had never wished to have watched the news more than now. After many hours driving to find more secluded areas, and running low on fuel, we found a fishing village to take sanctuary. When it became obvious that we couldn't stay there, we took a small boat to find somewhere safer. Ensnared by a storm the boat capsized and I awoke on a strange shore, with no knowledge of what happened to my friends and no understanding of anything around me.
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