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  1. My Name Is Jamie Cash since i was a boy all i wanted to do is be in the army i dreamed about the day i was old enough to apply i grew up in a city in England, while all the other kids on my street was playing football at the park i was in the woods with the airsoft gun my Grandad had bought me trying to hunt anything i could. On my 16th birthday i begged my parents to let me apply for the army but they refused to let me join knowing i had to wait another 2 years broke my heart but once the day had finally come there was no looking back i knew what i wanted and nothing was going to stop me now. I have been a soldier for 5 years now loving every day when i put on my uniform i felt like i was unstoppable but then we got news of the outbreak i was sent to Chernarus in the middle of July 2017 by the British Armed forces i was sent here to locate a Army General who we lost contact with at the start of the outbreak i arrived with 27 other soldiers but when we got here we instantly knew we was in trouble the zombies caused us to split up into a few smaller groups it was just me and two other soldiers but in the middle of one horrible night i woke up to the screams of my fellow soldiers it was to late for them i couldnt help them all i could do is run we was outnumbered by zombies i couldnt even grab my gear and now i am on the coast lost not knowing if any of my platoon are still alive or even where they could be BUT i will not give up!
  2. Think the issue was maybe to do with my end, i connected to another server then came back and tried again and it worked so think it was my end not the servers
  3. I have had to delete my character and re make but now when i try to join the server i get an error message saying connection to host was lost can anyone help please?
  4. I woke up on the coast with only the shirt on my back, Before the outbreak I would be too shy to go out and talk to people and too nervous to play in front of them. Now that most of the people are dead, thats all I wants to do. I am unsure how i ended up here but all I care about now is how to survive here not knowing my way around not knowing if there is anyone else around but now I need to find water,food,shelter and something to defend himself with. My only hope is that i may come across some other surviors willing to take me in.
  5. Okay i feel like i have tried everything i even tried a OLD Discord account and it lets me do it and join the server but for some reason i can't join on the discord account that i actually use i get this message everytime 'Your Discord account is already associated with another member.' any help would be really appreciated Thanks. Thats the screen that i get this message on ............ Your Discord account is already associated with another member.
  6. I have tried that and nothing happens it is telling me that i do not have a discord account linked i try to sign in i get as far as the screen where you have to authorize i press the button then i get a blank screen?
  7. I am trying to get into the Discord server but when i try to link my account via my account settings i get this message........ Your Discord account is already associated with another member. I am new to this server and never made an account before can anyone help please? Thanks
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