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  1. Born in Chernogorsk where he lived until outbreak. He isnt much special in anything, just an ordinary young man without purpouse.
  2. Server and location: S1 Staroye Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 18:20 Your in game name: Vladimir Novak Names of allies involved: @Ulthel , @Nonplayer and more I dont know by name (there were more people but I actually didnt hold count) Name of suspect/s: Unknown Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): N/A Detailed description of the events: I've been putting things down from the truck in my trading center in Staroye (recently established) in company of @Ulthel, @Nonplayer and others that I dont know by names. There were quite a lot of people in my trading center that night so I actually didnt count all of them. I've been with those two on a base raid where we killed a guy a stole that truck, there was no one else, at least by my knowledge. So, when I was unloading the truck I suddently got shot in the head, inside the base. So there's two possible scenarious. 1. someone survived our base raid and saw what happened, then he would have attacker right and could kill me 2. someone else put me together with others in my base and killed me for some reasons that I dont know of. Important note: my base in Staroye is trading center which was operational a few days by now and it has been publicly announced, its common to have multiple strangers with me inside since I've been trading with them.
  3. But it wont persist thru restart and therefore its useless to use it as some kind of a defense against offline raiding.
  4. Lets make locked door persist thru restart, it would be nice and make picklock useful https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1897971123&searchtext=doors
  5. When I saw this topic I voted automatically for offline raiding not being allowed but as I went thru all the comments I just realised its a dead end, all of us that dont want our bases been offline raided, this is not the way. I myself established trading center just a few days back and since then I've been robbed multiple times even when the only things I have in my small storages is vegetables and common loot (like tools, flares, medical supplies etc...), everything easily replaceable and thats what disappointed me, I dont have anything you couldnt find in a matter of minutes and I need it to have something to trade with = RP opportunities. Well, enough of crying from my side, time to find some compromise... As I said, there's hardly gonna change the rule about base raiding so I suggest to fix tools we can defend our bases with, there's a few things I've been trying... 1. Picklock - you can lock your door with it, its not very common so you dramatically reduces chance you can be robbed. Problem: locked door wont persist thru server restart (tested many times) Possible problems: multiple abuse of lockind down many doors to keep loot for yourself (newly spawn players wont have chance to loot) Solution: allow crowbar od sledge hammer to open locked doors (its not for any use except of melee weapon). Mode: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1897971123&searchtext=doors 2. traps (mines, bear traps) - do I need to explain it? Just make some rooms you dont have use for booby traps :). Problem: traps wont persist thru server restart (tested on mines) In my opinion, if dev team manage to fix those bugs, it would generaly contribute to the problem solution which in the end result into nice compromise.
  6. *radio static is interrupted by a old mans voice* My fellow citizens of South Zagoria, my name is Viktor Novak and some of you may have noticed that theres some activity in small village called Staroye. In a last few days I've been working on trading center at police station. The idea is to provide friendly trade for all that need something or just want to get rid of anything that they dont need but could imagine something else for it. I myself can trade with various of things such as... *talking is interrupted by a sound of paper being unfold* Fresh organic vegetable like tomatos, peppers, zucchinis and pumpkins Tools Building supplies but not nails, that I actually need right now Bateries Basic firearms And plenty of other various things *sound of paper folding again* If you wish to trade with me, feel free to come at the place or contact me on my frequency (//discord - Viktor Novák - #2826). *broadcasting seems to be at end when voice speaks again* For all of you that would like to steal from me, I do not keep anything rare in my storages so dont bother. Or you can try to risk your life for a few pieces of vegetable or shovel, its up to you.
  7. *radio static is interrupted by a old grumpy voice* "I'm looking for someone who can meet my demands on very specific weapon attachments or weapon itself, more information will be shared on meeting face to face, Viktor out"
  8. "Tady Viktor, Yuri, can you hear me? I believe I've found your truck. Its west of Cherno at monument with tank on it. Truck contains some wheels, tools and other stuff but is missing car radiator and spark plug. I'll wait there for you. Viktor out"
  9. POV: we've met @uganda678 and @maddogcaleb in Elektro trying to repair their car. @Ducky began to ask them a questions about what are they doing in Cherno, where are they from and so on... After a while @maddogcaleb become silent so Ducky began to be harder on him and situacion began to be more and more hostile. There were four of us with auto rifles drawed out and only maddogcaleb had his mosin in hand. In the end Ducky aimed on maddogcaleb and tells him like 10 times before to put away his gun, then he aimed at ducky a shot him in the head, right after that we killed him. @uganda678 has been taken hostage and then server went down hard.
  10. *long boring static is interrupted by deep male voice* This is Viktor Novak *a few seconds silence* I dont know if you can hear this but my hope lies with you. I dont remember what are we to each other, but I often have these memory flashes of you. You've been at the lake, I guess it was spring time because of the yellow-colored leafes on the ground. God how beautiful you were, long gold hair with a few strands of hair braided together. You were looking and me and saying something but... I dont remember what it was but you suddently started to smile at me. God I hope you're alive. *again a few seconds static* I'll be there every day at sunset on frequency 91.3, I repeat 91.3.
  11. Vladimír was born in small village called Dubky just 1km north-south from Chernogorsk. Since childhood he lived simple village life full of hard work. His mother, Masha, worked as well as his father Bořivoj in nearby city Chernogorsk, she was cashier in local grocery store and father worked on sawmill. Vladimír's parents insist to provide him best education he could possibly have and so he attended school in city 5 days in week. When he tightly graduated from school in his 24 years his next involuntary step was army, he has to go through 3 years mandatory military service which was determined by law. In army he learned discipline, basic survival, weapon-handeling and face to face combat. After 3 years reaching private first class rank, he left army to start working on sawmill as his father. In time, he met his wife Tasha, married her and they have 2 children together. Times were hard and keeping food on table even harder, after few years Vladimir quit job on sawmill because of a danger in the city caused by soldiers. He began poaching to keep his family fed and to minimalize need of city services. When riots begans to eskalovat, Vladimir began to worry for his family so on 12th of july he decided for his family to pack only vital things and move western to the country where he hopes is safer environment. They traveled thru night to keep a low profile to not to to attract unnecessary attention. After few hours of walking thru forrest, children needed to rest so they build a small camp. They ment to stay there only for a few hours and then continue travel so Vladimir keep guard while rest was sleeping. Suddently, he heard a twig broke just a few meters from him in the forrest darkness. He firmly gripped his hunting rifle a silently went to explore the noise. His eyes were open wildly staring into a darkness, his only light was moon mildly illuminate forrest glade. He had to lost track of time because after 15-20 minutes he heard screaming behind him, it came from camp but it was distant, he must have stray deeply into the forrest. His breath stops in fear, he start running towards the camp with many dark scenarios playing in his mind. When he finally reached their camp, he stand still frozen by sight before him. Tent ripped apart, covered in blood, signs of strugle on the grounds and... his son's body teared. He fall on his knees with tears in his eys, all is lost, he though. Something deeply rooted in his mind make him stand on his feet, where is the thing that did this? And where is his wife and daughter? Did they run? He looked around the camp and screamed their names in hope they'll answer, nothing. He struggled to leave his son lie like this but he knows that every seconds he waste his chance of finding Tasha and his daughter is slimmer. In his mind, he tells a short grace for his son's soul and stepped into a darkness with hope of finding rest of his family. After a month of roaming across of Cherno looking for his family with hope fading he witnessed lots of destruction, survivors and even infected which he believed attacked his family that night. Devasted by his loss he was ready to gave up his life, put a barrel of his rifle to mouth and prepared to pull the trigger when suddently something or someone hitted him from behind of his head. Darkness filled his eyes and he began to dream about his family. Finally, end of his misery. He woke up next morning with terrible headache and only few memories of what happened. This is where his story continues...
  12. My character comes directly from Cherno but I'll surely specify it if I past whitelisting.
  13. Awesome, that'll make it so much easier for me since I'm from Czech Republic. I understand that it could be difficult to communicate but its part of the RP.
  14. Hey guys, I'm new here in the community and still waiting to be whitelisted, to shorten my waiting I already thinking about some inGame features which I didnt find specified anywhere. One of them is main language used. So I have a few questions: 1. what is the main language in RP? 2. Is it problem to talk czech and occasionally english if required when my character is built on that language? 3. is Chernarus main language russia? Thanks for response.
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